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- are you feeling blue by oemei - are you feeling blue by oemei
ah look i made ying into a magical girl////
here's her info

- gao, ying was born in ningbo, zhejiang, on may 1st 1998. she had an okay childhood, her father being a fisherman and selling food in a local market. her mother worked at as a teacher at a school that ying went to, teaching the juniors how to cook and sew. from a young age she had known that she was adopted, since her eyes were blue while her parents were brown. plus they had told her that she was adopted when she was old enough to understand. it never bothered her since she never felt different from her family. however, she had always noticed that she really did have a way with people, whenever she was happy, they were and vice versa. she never thought much of it until one day she was sitting through one of her teacher's lecture and simply thought of a happy person and said teacher automatically became happier. that was the breaking point, that's what drove her into trying to figure out more about her birth parents. he little investigating ended when she was 15 and found a blue ribbon among her old baby clothes. yes, it was just a ribbon, but it felt different then all her clothes, it felt stronger. her blue eyes began to burn and then ribbon turned into a staff. that moment really brought everything to light. yes, it was actually the weirdest thing, but she kept it to herself because she was sure that her parents would think that she was crazy. from then on she just took the ribbon with her, everywhere she went. 
- when she turned 17, she went with hr mother to korea to meet some relatives, leaving her father at home. her mother let her roam freely, since she was almost an adult, the only rule was that she couldn't talk to strangers and to always use her mace when she needed to. well, with ying's new found powers, she was confident that she could handle herself. however, as she walked through the skirts of gwanju, she stumbled upon a man who wore all black and just stood in the middle of the street. people didn't seem to notice him, but she saw him. she shook it off, convinced that she was just seeing things or was just sleep deprived, logical things. however, she saw him everywhere and eventually she confronted him. that's when she learned of his identity, but she never once was scared. her powers made her feel more powerful then any old demon. but he didn't seem phased by it, as if he knew that she wouldn't be scared of him. yet, he didn't leave her after that. she saw him almost everywhere she went, as if he was bound to her. and on that last week she was to be in korea, he finally asked her to help him out. he knew of her powers, sensing them and watching as others changed at her will. he wanted her to help people fear him, but he was so nice about it, not even ying thought he could be feared. she was about to refuse until he offered to take her to her parents, it would be a deal that they would make. it would bond them in a way, yet ying didn't know the extent of the bond. the demon would keep his promise to her as long as she kept helping people fear him, yet she never specified after how many people would he have to give her the information on her parents. sometimes she even forgets about the deal because he is actually pretty decent, which is why she is still putting up with him. he even followed her to china to keep up her help. that's how she ended up with a jiseok.

likes && dislikes
- ying loves to eat. she eats a whole lot and never stops. however, while she does like to eat, she hates pork and mint. to make up for all of her eating, she took up track, which she absolutely loves. she's very fast and always likes to keep up her speed. especially racing people, she loves to race. she also likes to watch sports, especially sports that involve speed determination. she usually goes by herself but she really does love when people ask to come with her or ask for her to come to things with her. she likes to know that people would willingly like to go do things with her or spend time with her. along with that, she likes to be outdoors, and just active. and while she does like to run, she has this super cool blue bike that she likes to ride around time. she also really likes the color blue and the flavor of vanilla. ying is also a fan of being independent. while she wants to be seen as independent and in control of the situation, she sometimes ends up being dependent on the other person a lot more than she is willing to admit. ying also really likes to practice her magic, in private of course, and getting stronger when it comes to her magical abilities.
- ying hates jiseok the majority of the time. she hates that no matter how mad she makes him, he never seems phased, even when she tries to influence his emotions. she hates when people just don't go along with things that are fairly simple or don't react to things that should be reacted to differently. she also doesn't like needles or having to cook. even though she is a girl who is 18, she doesn't like guys making passes at her or even softly flirting with her. she doesn't even like it when her mother tries to ask her about her nonexistent love life. she just never liked the idea of dating or actually being in love. she also doesn't like studying for things, since it takes her away from actually being able to do things she likes. ying also hates dogs, since she was bitten by one when she was younger, and just doesn't like to be in the same room as them. she also really dislikes comic books because the pictures distract her and she never finishes them. ying also hates the color green and the smell of cinnamon. fall is also her least favorite season because it really messes with her because she is usually the one raking up leaves. she also hates her piano teacher because she is most definitely satan

ah my fingers hurt so i'll just list them for now :")

pros                                         cons
+ determined                                + often very passive aggressive 
+ head strong                               + blunt
+ passive                                     + a bit dense
+ friendly                                     + unforgiving/easily holds grudges  
+ confident                                   + loud

magic && extra
+ her magic is blue in the sense that whenever she uses her staff the magic will be blue ( emotion magic will make the eyes flash blue for a millisecond )
+ her staff is in hidden in the form of a blue ribbon that she hides in her pocket
+ little is known about her birth parents
+ her and jiseok are bound by a bound that will only break until he holds up to his part
+ they feel each other's pain
+ jiseok is her magical companion
+ she keeps him out of trouble
+ if she uses her powers to long, her emotions become unstable and she usually switches until her mental state calms itself down ( holds a steady emotion for more than an hour )
+ only uses her staff unless she really needs it, emotion control doesn't involve a staff
+ a very loud kid who is trying her best to make sure jiseok is taken care of


art/ying @ me
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