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I'm like TT | Sasaki, 'Luis' Yoshirou by oemei I'm like TT | Sasaki, 'Luis' Yoshirou by oemei
I finally got a ref up for this baby 😄


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name | ( 佐々木, 義郎 ) his name is Sasaki, Yoshirou. His nicknames include Luis, his most common and American name. Since his mom is American, he was given the name Luis to be an alternate name. Another nickname would be Saki, since his hair is very long and he is often seen as a girl.Rou is also a pretty common name of his, but he is mostly called that by people who he is closed to or if he is being lectured by one of his friends. Senpai, pfft he calls himself this in hopes that other people will call him it.
Age | Luis is twenty-seven years old, born 1989, December 8. 
Gender/Pronouns | Luis is a male and uses male pronouns, however he is jokingly referred to using female pronouns.
Extra | Luis is a human, bisexual male who rarely falls in love.

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personality | fair • sincere • intimate • hostile • hesitate • gullible • moody
Luis is a very reserved person who is best described as a grandpa. He's one of the nice grandpas that only tells war stories of wars he was never in. He doesn't really talk, and is quite easy to be fooled. He isn't the brightest man in the world, and isn't too high up to admit it. His parents were older when they had kids so he had to drop out of high school to take care of them while his younger brother finished school. It was a humbling experience, that made him very soft. He preferred to give up his man card and become a mom, seeing as though it suited his already motherly personality. However, when he stopped being around people who were tougher and stronger, those who protected him, he retreated back into his cautious shell. He always worried as a kid and his old habits returned. He also became more moody than usual since he actually had more responsibility and it effected him in a negative way. He became more moody, more on the edge, as if he was constantly waiting for something to happen. He calmed himself down by telling his parents old stories. Luis is also a very fair person who really doesn't see a reason to treat people differently, however he sometimes finds himself showing more favouritism to his mother since she and him were closer. His favoritism is won by sentiments, even though he claims to be fair and treat people equally. 
family |
Sasaki, Shinju and Lorette ;; mom & dad ;; d67 m65 ;; both alive 
Sasaki, Youta ;; younger brother ;; 24 ;; alive 
Health | 
Luis is physically able to do most things, he keeps himself very healthy and regularly checked up with the doctor. However, he shows small signs of being bipolar.
Pets |
Luis loves his family dog, a small shih-tzu named Vinnie, that's his one true love 
Fears |
Luis is afraid of heights, big animals, and things that could potentially hurt him


>> habibi 


Yoshirou was born in Osaka, Japan to the native Shinju and the foreigner Lorette. He was the first born and loved for as long as he has good grades. He had high hopes and wanted to get a good education and make his parents proud. He didn't even feel rivaled by his younger brother. Life was well until his mother had a stroke at the age of 49. Yoshirou automatically dropped everything to take care of his mother. In that moment he didn't want to be a doctor, he just wanted to take care of his mom. Of course Youta wanted to help but one of the kids needed to be successful. Well Youta flourished while Yoshirou took care of his aging parents. It was okay because everything was in balance, until his young brother got a job in Seoul, to be a make up artist. He was great at it and while Yoshirou tried to convince his parents to stay in Japan, they all ended up shipping out and moving to Seoul. 

Living in Seoul was amazing. It was so different from Japan and while Yoshirou was focused on helping his parents he had to get a job. That meant learning the language, which he easily did. The job he got was working part time in a local convenience store. It was great and he got a chance to make new friends like that. So while his brother became a great make up artist for idols, he just sold chopsticks to tourists and took care of his folks. His life was far quieter, thankfully. 

When he got used to Korea, finally, his brother got his parents an aid who was fairly fluent in Japanese, the only language Luis's parents wanted to know. It gave him a bit more time to do what he wanted; which we as life changing. He got a chance to have more friend time and actually experiencing Seoul in a whole. All the aesthetics, and the majority of his friends were those aesthetics. He was a wannabe aesthetic, mainly because his whole style was primarily unique when his friends didn't coordinate it. yikes still a w.i.p


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Physical attributes |
​​​​​Luis is a 186 cm male with long, black hair that he dyed orange when he was around sixteen. He has fair skin littered with a small amount of freckles on his face, arm, and legs. He has naturally blue eyes, getting the majority of his mother traits while his brother got most of his dad's features. He is usually found in typical ulzzang fashion, or just something with short sleeves. He rarely wears hoodies since he gets bored of them easily, but he loves jackets. Mainly because he likes zipping things up. 
Ne & No | 
+ Luis likes the simple, small things in life. He likes waking up early in the morning to watch the sun rise then taking a huge power nap afterwards before he goes to work. He likes dimples and when people smile and dumb things. He likes milk, and putting the cereal in the bowl after he's put the milk in. He's not really ocd but he enjoys walking the aisles of stores and trying to put things back where they're supposed to be. He likes when people do nice things for others, or those rare times he can play matchmaker for someone. He likes being out in the daytime, only walking through stores and never buying anything. He does like being at home, however, being with his parents but ever since they got an aid he wasn't really needed. 
He also likes when people play with his hair or being called senpai or oppa 
​​​​​​- he hates being out at night, but he has to walk home from his job in the dark. He doesn't enjoy the beach, even though his friends love going. He hates coffee, or espressos, mainly because he wants to be a health nut and knows that they're not healthy. While he likes sweets, he doesn't like overly sweet things. Another things he doesn't like is to see illogical shows, mainly because he's too square to think they're funny. He also doesn't like to see pink on people since he hates the color and thinks it's too cliché. Having to talk to people who speak English is something he hates, mainly because he speak it that well so it just comes out broken and dumb sounding. He has one face mask that he likes, and he hates wearing any other one, even though he has like three. He also doesn't like wearing hats because it makes him look like he has a big head. 
Extra/Overview | 
In general, Luis a ginger square who works at a convenience store and wants to be a health nut. 

art/character © me
adopted from :iconskoft: 
Skoft Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Student Digital Artist
what a cutieee!
i loved reading all this info about him, its so thorough!!
oemei Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Student General Artist
ah thank you so much! ❤
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