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OW - Aguri - 1Y student application


Art made by: Zhongli

"I am not looking for trouble, I just want new friends. Sorry if I said something wrong."

“Do I really look that scary? I am sorry if so, I just usually wear clothes like that.”
“Could you please keep that fire away from me … thanks.”

“Why do you say I look sad? Oh sorry, It's just my natural state of face, haha”

Basic Information

Name: Aguri

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Height: 6’4 ft / 1,94 m

Species: Pureblood vampire

Species Description: Purebloods, the vampires born with strong connection to the first vampires and the beast. They have been rare to see, due to the fact that most of them live in solitude and others have died. Their blood has such a strong connection to ancient vampires that sometimes they have blue blood, the purest one. Pureblood vampires Tend to have some visible changes in their outlook, showing their true vampiric nature, and their blood is strong in its magic. 


  • Blood manipulation - Aguri can manipulate his blood thanks to vampiric nature, which allows him to create small projectiles or temporary weapons from his blood.

  • White magic - Aguri uses basic white magic and tries to study it, but right now he can only use it to heal others, and not much else due to vampiric nature.

Academic Information

Level: Beginner


  • CRS 102 - Introduction to Tools 

  • CRS 104 - Gathering and Preparing Materials 

  • MDC 103 - Study of Wound Care

Passed Courses: None

Experience: -

Personal Information


  • Aguri really appreciates singing for others, especially that he has talent towards it and it calms him, or even allows him to let his emotions out of him. Almost everyday he can be heard singing privately or when he walks around the academy.

  • Reading books is surely a good idea to kill time, especially that you can learn new things by doing that. But when it's free time, Aguri reads mostly romance books, some fairy tales or simple stories about heroes and monsters.

  • Socializing is surely a good way to meet new people and gain friends. If he was asked to choose his favourite thing about the academy, it surely would be people attending there. Maybe he has some problems with communication, but nonetheless he wants to live with others and get along well.

  • Daily training is one of things Aguri must do. He wants to keep both his mind and body in good shape. Maybe he lacks endurance and strength, but his training focuses more on swiftness and dexterity of his body, so things which are his good side.

  • Weapon training, especially with lances, shields and staffs. He wants to become a dark knight, but not the evil one, he wants to ride a horse, use a lance and be able to use dark magic to protect those important to him and help those in need.


  • Huge problem, which annoys him would be his problem with understanding others. Sometimes he takes things too seriously or too lightly, and misunderstoods intentions of other people. It puts him off and makes him anxious when it happens.

  • Aguri has a huge fear of being left alone, that's the sole reason behind his trying to socialize. His fear of being alone and finding no love in life is deep inside him, but he learned to deal with it, but it sometimes comes back to him. It’s usually visible when he is alone or away from others. 

  • He dislikes being a burden or problem for others. Whenever he feels like one, he rather backs off and tries to leave the topic, or just falls silent. It’s Aguri’s way to deal with his problem. He tends to keep his complaints and unsuruness inside, instead of asking straight away, because he doesn’t want to hurt anyone or say something wrong.

  • One of the biggest discomforts for vampires, fire. Aguri will almost never sit next to a campfire. He is really scared of fire, especially that it’s very effective against his kind.

  • Traditional vampire weakness, sunlight. Aguri can walk during the day, but sun makes him feel weak, dizzy and sleepy, so he usually takes some drink or food that gives him energy to stay up during daytime.


  • High agility and swiftness, allowing Aguri to attack and dodge with amazing speed, or even climb. His lightweight body is great for such deeds but everything has its cost.

  • Fast thinking, which can make him analyze the most dangerous situations and see much more ways of dealing with it than a normal person. It’s weird, but many people tend to compare his intelligence and logic to that of a dragon.

  • Amazing voice, is what Aguri is truly proud of. His voice hits a lot of people, due to its sound and pureness. His songs are always coming from his heart, which gives them a deeper meaning.

  • High self control over his acting and urge of blood. Aguri never drank the blood of any humanoid creature. Only animal blood, and very rarely, so he relies on normal food to ease his hunger. Thanks to that he isn't aggressive and won't fall into hunger rage.


  • Fire, White magic and light magic, why? Vampire weakness is the fact that those creatures are weak to fire and they burn quite easily, and burn wounds stay on them much longer than any other wounds and they can’t regenerate as easily, but why magic? Because it causes a similar effect to fire for dark creatures like vampires.

  • Endurance and durability. Aguri quickly gets tired and he is physically weak, which is the price he pays for his agile body, but even with his low strength, he trains a lot to reach his dreams of becoming a dark knight.

  • Social interactions. Aguri usually says what he thinks and jokes a lot, but sometimes he doesn’t understand hidden meanings or how to act in some situations. It’s more of a social weakness than a physical one.


  • Learning more about the world is one of his biggest goals. His hunger for knowledge is huge, but he controls it and never allows his ambition to consume him.

  • Helping as many people as he can, and bringing happiness to those close to him, or maybe even find love? Who knows. His second goal is to understand and accept emotions he kept locked inside him for a really long time.

  • Become a Dark knight by learning how to use some weapons, learn dark magic and to protect those near him. Aguri’s dream is to become someone resembling a feeling of safety and peace.


  • Losing his friends and family, becoming forgotten. The fear comes from the fact that he was living alone for a long time and he doesn’t want to be alone, even if he won’t say it loudly.

  • Losing the rest of his emotions. Aguri was taught how to control his emotions, but he controls them so much that he lost a lot of them, and so he fears that he will lose all of them if he won’t accept himself and all emotions that he keeps within.

  • Being too weak to reach his goals. He aims for his dreams to come true and sometimes he may push himself to his limits, due to fear of being weak.


  • Cheerful and helpful are the most appreciated traits of Aguri. He helps anyone, whenever he can, and tries to keep everyone in a good mood. He would do anything to make his friends happy and to protect them.

  • Even if outside he shows happiness, he hides his shyness and fear pretty well. His fear of others, and fear of being alone, always conflicted. Scared to lose others and scared to interact too much. Aguri can’t decide what to do and sometimes he dozes off in conversations.

  • Brave, or just stupid? That’s the good question. Aguri is surely reckless, especially in fights. He can charge at an enemy, allowing himself to get badly damaged, just to win the fight, just to get one perfect strike. His recklessness usually surprises everyone, cause no one normally would do things like that. 

  • Aguri has problems with understanding some emotions, because he was never taught about them. That’s one of the reasons why he loves reading books and learning so much. But he isn't an evil person, he just sometimes acts … weird cause he doesn’t understand the situation.


Aguri was born as a Pureblood vampire, which surprised his parents, due to the fact that only his mother was pureblood. Thanks to that, Aguri was quite a weird child for a vampire's standards and he almost never felt hunger for blood, or urge to hunt. His mother always cared for him and taught him magic in his young years. His father instead was working with his physical state and taught him how to fight, control his strength and use weapons. 

When he was teenager he started reading books, and one book took his interest, which was about a dark knight who protected innocents and became a hero. Image of that knight became a symbol of what Aguri wants to become in future and he asked his parents if they can help him become like the hero. Faces of his parents were more than needed to understand that it is almost impossible to become a hero while you are creature of night, but as stubborn as he was, at the age of 16 years he ventured out of his home and decided to live between humans and study more about the cultures and stories of that species. 

As he lived among humans, he took interest in music. His talent for singing was quickly noticed and some people asked him to sing for them. He did it everytime and the smiles of humans were more than enough to make him happy. And that’s why he loved singing and music.

Then years passed and Aguri travelled around the world, sometimes singing for people and listening to their stories, which fascinated him. Folklore and legend were something worth listening to, such amazing tales, but somewhere he heard stories about some place where different races study and learn, so he quickly started to search for such a place. That’s how he got to the academy.

Misc. Information:

  • Aguri likes to collect all weapons he finds. He has a small collection of his finds.

  • Aguri Likes to change outfits quite often, as he likes specific clothing to fit his likes, he has different styles for other occasions.

Character Relationships

Bullet; Green - Likes | Bullet; Black - Dislikes | Bullet; Blue - Unsure | Bullet; Yellow - Interested By | Bullet; Purple - Saddened By | Bullet; White - Fearful Of | Bullet; Pink - Crushing On | Bullet; Red - Love |

Roleplaying Preferences

  • Where do you like to roleplay? Notes, comments, skype?


  • Preferences or limits

Surprisingly, I am a person that likes action, romances and good stories that has twists and lot of potential. About limits, hmm, I think I am quite kinky person but i am not lewd, so I don’t like erotic roleplays, but you can always ask me privately, i am open person <3

  • Would you like to join the OW Skype Group? If so, indicate Skype username or note it to viralremix

Not now, but I will think about it, thanks.


Script Sample

(I have problem with script rp so sorry for that, I will try my best)

Aguri: Don’t make me laugh, with such grades you surely need some help, so stop being so stubborn and let me help you, alright? - He took a seat next to XXX and helped them with finding a solution to the problem-

See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Lit Sample

“I can’t just give up right now! I need to train more! To become better. I don’t want to be the weakest person in class, everyone is cool, but I feel like I am just an outsider, that’s why I want to be good at something, better than anyone else!”
He jumped at the tree with his lance and pierced it in half with lightning speed, but he was visibly pushing his limits and fell to his knees afterward.
“See? I told you I can do it!”

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he needs to meet my bratty vampire girl >w<.. She loves making new friends all the time..... even more if they are vampires like her >w>

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i will be glad then, if you want to talk more here is my discord