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Arthur Wraith (Base) - Version 1


"I won't do it? Better look and see for yourself!"

"You think, that you are better than me, but you are nothing!"

"If you need help, come to me. I will help you no matter what happened."


Name: Arthur Wraith

Age: 17

Occupation: Military and Enginery school student

Race: Human

Abilities: Skilled fighter, Basic magic skills, Basic engineering,


Calm, Friendly, Intelligent, Easy to anger, Troublemaker,

He is good student, but little thievery is in his style. He will always join a good fight, because he likes it, but he won't be able to stand bullying and he will act instantly. Most of the time he smiles and makes other happy not looking at himself, but he will always help anybody he can. He is engineering genius, so he can create many things from parts which teoretically doesn't fit.


Arthur's father was soldier and his mother was high mage. He was most of the time trained by his father, so he mastered swordsmanship and marksmanship skills. His mother instead tried to teach him magic which can help him in life and which won't hurt anybody, but he was very intalented in magic. When he reached 13 years he joined military academy and he learned engineering and martial arts, but he learned to cast basic offensive spells. He was most of the time getting into the fights with bullies and selfish students. Most of the teachers were angry on him and they showed dislike. Other students were bullying him too, but he didn't care. When he reached 16 years his father died in battle, his mother died from some kind of sickness and his sister dissapeared. He was alone, but he didn't show anything. He was almost whole time smilling, because his mother said him something very interresting, which he believed to be his burden now. She said – "No matter what happens, how hard your life is, remember! Always smile, because if you smile, others will too, and this will make your all lifes easier and happier." - He was following this as long as he can remember and he won't stop. He most of the free time spends on practicing his fighting skill in forest close to his school.


1.Whispering Loner - Fallen Guardian - Dark Lord (Evil)
2.Spark Heart - Firemaker - Flamewalker (Neutral Evil)
3.Poisoner - Poison Artisan - Toxic Blade (Neutral Good)
4.Kind Heart - Lawbringer - Peacemaker (Good)
5.Hunter - Sharpshooter - Troublemaker (Neutral)


His arm is whole covered in burns and scars, when he failed experiment and his work exploded, but he covered his classmate with his hand and it got like it is now.

His blade, which he holds on his hip belonged to his father, but he took it when his father died. He is using it as his own.

Arthur most of the time uses sword techniques focusing on speed and agility, because he has mastered those techniques. He is really weak person, so he focuses on his speed, agility and perception in fights.

His main path is Troublemaker's path, because it is neutral path and focuses on marksmanship.

List of known spells:
Summon basic weapon (created from pure magic energy),
Magic missile,
Haste (increases speed),
Sacrifice (He can hurt himself and sacrifice his blood to reinforce his weapon),

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