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5 Hungry Mouths

One Ocean show at SeaWorld
Animal: Orca (Killer Whale)
Location: Orlando, FL
Time: 4:00pm Show
Camera: Nikon Coolpix S8100

*NOTE* All of my pictures are taken by me and are not edited in any way to enhance the photo. All pictures are taken with a Nikon camera.

All my photos are (c) by me and are NOT permitted to be used unless with given permission by me.

Image details
Image size
3575x2235px 3.22 MB
Shutter Speed
10/940 second
Focal Length
54 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 29, 2012, 4:59:58 PM
© 2012 - 2021 OECDLapushfan101
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Would you like them to be identified? I've been practicing so I'd love to help out :)

From left to right
Nalani, Malia, Katina, Trua and Kayla :)

Lovely photo! :aww:
OECDLapushfan101's avatar
Trua, Katina and Tili are the 3 best ones cause theyre so easy to ID :3
Shinymane1's avatar
Tili's the easiest, his pecs are just amazing! :wow:

I find Malia and Trua ok too, Trua just has so many freckles and I tell Malia by her jaw marking, it's not as sharp as the others :)
OECDLapushfan101's avatar
I know! His pecs are like wings! Its incredible, I wish theyd use him more Ive only seen him once and it was at night so I couldnt really get any good pics :/
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That's a shame, it's my dream to go see that show, and Orlando's orcas too, you're really lucky! :aww:
OECDLapushfan101's avatar
Yeah Its a magical experience although I hope that the trainers will be permitted to get back in the water soon.
Shinymane1's avatar
Yeah me too. I hope I can see it one day! :)
OECDLapushfan101's avatar
I hope you get to too :)
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Thanks so much, Ive been trying to get better at IDing but just when I think I have it down I forget who is who XD
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Haha, I'm no expert at all, I've only just recently started myself, but I'm pretty sure that is correct, I'll check with a more experienced Deviant here just to be sure :)

It doesn't help when Nalani is growing so fast and looks just like her mum :giggle:
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So true, *CetaceanNerd has been helping me and correcting on incorrect IDing...I think Ive only IDed two right now XD Ah well it takes some time. Btw I absolutely adore your orca character the colors are absolutely astounding!
Shinymane1's avatar
I've been looking on Orca homepage and by practicing on photos on here, I'm pretty much ok with Orlando's now, though full jumping out body ones I still sometimes get mixed up :giggle: I'm the best at headshots :)

Aw thank you so much! I don't draw her enough :XD:
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Well she is absolutely gorgeous :)
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Thank you very much, I'm glad you like her! :aww:
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Np I cant wait to see more work of her ;)
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