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Morning Glory: Vision of an Elven Metropolis


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Imagine the first blush of dawn over a secluded elven city, strategically nestled in a verdant valley beneath towering peaks. This full view captures the sprawling cityscape, where the architecture harmonizes splendidly with the encircling forest. The buildings, constructed from materials that glisten like jewels—shimmering stone intertwined with tendrils of living wood—shine brightly in the new light. Each tower and facade is meticulously crafted, displaying ornate details that are both ancient and alive. The scene is divided by a gentle river, its surface glittering with the morning's first light. Above all, the grand palace, surrounded by rising mist and vibrant courtyards, dominates the landscape, symbolizing the heart and soul of elven ingenuity and spirit. This artwork celebrates the mystical union of nature and elven architecture, portrayed in a moment of peaceful dawn.
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Your storytelling is wonderful! You immediately drew me in :D If you enjoy flash fiction, I've created a new group where artists and storytellers collaborate to create illustrated flash fiction. The group is open and we’re looking for more writer-artists who can help add stories to images. I’d like to invite you to stop by and have a look around.


Looking forward to collaborating with you there.

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