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Timewarp From 10 to 33

I did the time warp.  All the way to my current age.  Shit, I'm old.

Time warp by thundercake
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This is adorable (:
btw 33 is not old at all!! 
Odyrah's avatar
It's soooo ooooolllld. 
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Old? You're just a baby! I'm a whole year older if it makes you feel better. Bwahaha!
I like the one where you're pregnant, you look so cute in your pink shirt, and I like the scarf in your hair. :D
This is fun! I oughta do this meme, just for the heck of it. I doubt that much would change, because I haven't really changed all that much. Heheh.
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:P  I didn't know you were older than me Lilly!  I'm so happy though that there is someone my age!  Everyone is so much younger...

I rushed these but I just wanted to do this thingy but thanks, it was fun.  You should do one you know.  Hurry, I wanna see it!
DulcetFancy's avatar
Yup! I often give people the impression that I'm much younger than I actually am, so when they find out, they're often very surprised. :O
It's nice when you find other artists/dollers that are the same age, gives you something to have in common.

I am going to do one, I just need to plan out my ideas first.
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Where der baby now?
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Refusing to make an appearance since she's 11 and too POPULAR to be seen with MOM.
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Omg, she's 11 now? Holy crap, when I first started watching you, she was like 2 XD
Odyrah's avatar
XD She likes boys now!  Imagine how I'm feeling about this. D:
TehPage's avatar
LOL not looking forward to that XD It'll be worse with mine, he's a boy! XD He'll be 5 and be all "UGGG MOM, Lemme lone k?" XD
Odyrah's avatar
'tis truth!  Then they decide your taste in clothes is the worst.
TehPage's avatar
LOL XD Indeed! Ahhh kids LOL
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