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crawling death

just had this little idea for a picture with :iconqutiix: funtime foxy model

the lighting was a pain in the ass in such an small environment but at the end it looks really well done :3

enjoy my fellows ^^
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It's a shame this wasn't put into the game... yet. There's a possibility that that can happen, since we already saw a Bidybab and the Bonnie puppet crawling through the vents in the latest teaser, but they're pretty little...
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yeah you really did a neat job with the lighting on this, considering it's a closed duct lol
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thank you

was a pain  in the ass tbh
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yeah I like how you made it look like light it coming in from the sides and bouncing around a bit.  Looks rather realistic there, even though there are no openings lol.  Good trick
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haha never thought like that...nice to know XD

and thx
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yeah, it's one of the things I'll do sometimes.... use lighting to create illusions ;)
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yee ture

light is magic ^^
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This is just awesome work!
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Holy fuck this is insane!!! Amazing!!
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thank you buddy :hug:
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Uhhh, sexay!
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Ooh good. That's always a good sign XD
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If there was a bookshelf or something I'd just put in front of the vent with a 2 ton anvil in front of it too, and just have whatever animatronic that tries to get into the office... just plain struggle and hear them say "How heavy is this blasted bookshelf it is like a ton... damn" and I'd just be snickering lol xD
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Kinda looks like a cat xD

Nice work on the lighting in this! Gives a really unusual effect! :D

Also, love your logo in the bottom corner!
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really thank you raggy :33
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Really ^^

No problem at all! Sorry for the late comment, wasn't feeling well ^^;
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naa dont worry ^^ :hug:
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Nice one Doritos! I would be shitting myself if I see that fox in the vent x'D
Or...oh god, I'm imagining Ballota, that would creep me out x3
Lighting: 50/10
Pose: 50/10
Poster: 100/10

If I could that kind of pic, I would do an amount of clipping :'v
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dawww thank you ^////^
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That'd be terrifying to see in the game!
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