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I've made a new blog entry on my website sharing my thoughts about the creation of the monster of Frankenstein, go check it out!:

6c by Odomi2   

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Happy halloween

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At least for those in countries in which it´s properly celebrated.

I´ll share a bit of work process on my last drawing:

This is the first draft I made with spare paint on a chocolate wrapper, which I liked (the witch) and motivated me to do more.
Initial by Odomi2

These are some pencil sketches to decide on a pose and content in the picture.
Sketch1 by Odomi2Sketch2 by Odomi2Sketch3 by Odomi2

After more or less deciding on a pose I made another sketch just for fun.
Brujsketch by Odomi2

While doing the last piece I decided I wanted it cleaner, without background, as much as I like the previous version.
Brujaweb by Odomi2

And that´s it 
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These are my rates for personal commissions.
For commercial work inquiries feel free to drop me a note or an email at: odomi2@gmail.com

-Prices are orientative and for a finished, detailed scene.  
-Commission availability may vary depending on my workload, but if accepted I always provide a time frame to completion. 
-I also provide sketches and works in progress along the way (See more information in this blog entry).

A5 148 x 210 mm
The elefant and the hare by Odomi2   Anailil by Odomi2   Cynefrid by Odomi2   Metilia by Odomi2
Color 25 €
B&W 15 €

A4 210 x 297 mm
Sir Walter Croc by Odomi2   Concept character by Odomi2   Back alley by Odomi2
Color 70 €
B&W 35€

A3 297 x 420 mm
Dragon and Monkey by Odomi2      Jungle spirits by Odomi2     Red-cap by Odomi2
Color 120 €
B&W 60 €

I can also do digital: Watching - Tomb Raider Reborn 2013 by Odomi2 
And mixed:                Corinna by Odomi2

B&W samples:  Gato Montes by Odomi2   Theodore by Odomi2   I Gao na y Ka Kani by Odomi2   Tzimisce by Odomi2 Witch by Odomi2

If you are interested in purchasing the original along with the commission, it will cost 30% of the commission* + shipping fee
For more commission samples visit my gallery folder: odomi2.deviantart.com/gallery/…
*If you have commissioned me before and would like to get the original artwork contact me by note.

This picture shows size differences:

Img 20170530 1652328292 by Odomi2

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Fcover by Odomi2

I´m very happy to announce that I´ve recently finished illustrating "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley 
for Skyhorse Publishing. It´s scheduled to come out on October

It will feature 28 full color illustrations and 24 black & white spot illustrations. The book has been skillfully abridged making it more accessible for ages 9-12

More info: Here

I also have instagram now 

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I've made a blog entry explaining a bit about the creation process in a painting.
It's not meant to be a tutorial nor very in-depth, just a (very) light explanation for those who are curious about how it works.

Here's the link:

I'll also be happy to answer any doubts posted in the comments. 
Have a great day ^_^
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