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Herlinde von Magdeburg by Odomi2 Herlinde von Magdeburg by Odomi2
Character commission for JezMiller

Watercolor on paper

Ninth-generation Ventrue, childe of Lanzo von Sachsen, Born 1199, Embraced 1237

Daughter of a wealthy merchant of the Hanseatic League, she was part of the Court of Lord Hardestadt the Elder, who was the vampire ruler of the Fiefs of the Black Cross, and the guy who originally came up with the idea of the Camarila. 

(In the wake of the Black Death - 1360s and 1370s - Hardestadt secretly encouraged the emerging anarch movement. He had two motives: Firstly, he wanted to soften Europe's elders up, to make them more willing to accept the idea of the Camarilla when he eventually proposed it. Secondly, the Ventrue had been weakened by the Black Death, because they could only feed on one type of victim, and with so many of the population dead, many found it hard to find vessels. So Hardestadt wanted the schism in the vampire world to be old versus young rather than clan vs clan)

Herlinde was an incredibly talented actress and mimic. She could fake the accent, mannerisms and personality of almost anyone she met. So Hardestadt Blood Bound her and sent her to liaise with the anarchs and organize their attacks. She was an undercover double agent who he planted in the anarch movement.
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Schlossbauer Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017   Digital Artist
nice work. i like the atmosphere 
Odomi2 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks ^^
little-brujah Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2017
Cool pic 
Lanzo von Sachsen - I remember the name from a Dark Age-campaign 
Odomi2 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you :)
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