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Knight stuff!
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This is epic! Well done!
Hello, could I use this for a cover a book about the crusades that I wrote?
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The color adds a rustic feel to this art. I love it!
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I like the detail in this image, well done. =D
Nice work man. Templars needed some pauldrons and you put it on. Would've gone for a bigger shield myself but whatever.
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'Tis but a flesh wound.
very emotional for me.
thank you.
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Great art. Is the download free?
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Is this for sale anywhere?
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I'm currently not selling any prints, but if you want, you are free to have any of my artwork printed by a printing service of your own choosing.

I tried to look for a higher resolution version of this picture, but unfortunately I couldn't find one. But If you aren't planning on making the print too big, the resolution might just be enough.
Bless you, Odobenus. 
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can i buy this in paint

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You mean a print? If I can find a large enough version, I might put deviantart's own prints available.
"Tis but a scratch!"
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I was just about to say that :D
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Just a flesh wound!
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