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Father of Fallen,
I've fallen for you;
Lord of Choosers,
I'm choosing too:
Trust over doubt
You over me
Life in death’s
Free fall from the Tree
Choosing my own
Self to be slain
Falling towards you
Time and again
My choice fell on you,
So it falls to me
To be both your Valr
And Valkyrie.
© Michaela Macha, Creative Commons License BY-ND
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A glove without a hand inside,
A puppet lacking strings;
A page that is not writ upon,
A raven with clipped wings;
A fireplace without the fire,
A stage without the show;
A broken piece of shattered glass,
A watch that does not go;
A violin without its bow,
A ship without a crew;
A vessel waiting to be filled:
A heart devoid of you.
© Michaela Macha, Creative Commmons License BY-ND
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What He Asked
Will you walk to me on a road made of air?
You can't see me, will you know I am there?
Can you do what you have to and go where you must
On a tightrope, blindfolded, led only by trust?
Will you trust me though everyone says I betray
And that you'll be alone at the end of the day?
What you do in my name is still on your hands;
Will you follow me if you don't know my ends?
When you face the abyss for the first time and see
How precious the life is you promised to me,
Will you reel back, the price now too high?
Or willingly fall, should I need you to die?
The pain that you suffer - chance, or my will?
You know you can't know; will you walk with me still?
Your losses - your own fault, a challenge, a test,
A part of your path, or distractions at best?
As you walk into darkness, your dreams turned to dust,
Without reason to, will you give me your trust?
When, calling to me, you hear only your voice,
Will you continue to stand by your choice?
For you choose not just once but on every day,
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Come to the Well
Come to the Well, to the Well at the Tree
Come and look deep in its waters, said He
And I'll drink with you if you'll drink it with me
And the more you drink of it, the more you will see.
One cup for the price all who drink here must pay:
Once you start to see, there's no turning away.
What's seen can't be unseen; the images stay
At the back of your eyelids by night and by day.
One cup for confusion, the choices you make,
Seeing all of the forks in the road you may take;
Always aware of how much is at stake
On the path that you choose, and the ones you forsake.
One cup for the burden of knowing too much,
No longer with blissful nescience as crutch;
One cup for the loss of the common man's touch,
Set apart by the vision you clutch.
One cup for the thirst that grows as you drink,
One thought needs the next as a link needs a link.
One cup for desire, to step on the brink
As the water wells upward, and let yourself sink.
One cup for ecstasy, rapture of sight,
Grasping the World in a swirl
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 4 4
Straw Death
Lie still, close your eyes, and listen.
Reach out to me with your heart.
I am here. I knew where to find you
Because we were never apart.
I am here with you in the darkness.
I am here with you in the pain.
I can feel your soul searching for me
To give yourself once again.
The moment has come you desired so long,
There's a place for you in my hall.
Your loved ones will be beside you,
And my folk, you shall meet with them all.
Make ready to leave your body behind.
I need you travelling light.
Soon you will wander beside me
And you'll never leave my side.
Close now, come closer. I claim you
In your life, and now in your death.
You are mine, and now I take you.
Come to me with your last breath.
(c) Michaela Macha
Creative Commons License BY-ND
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 3 0
How Ravens Came To Be Black
Once upon a time and long ago, Odin was walking under the branches of Yggdrasil when two ravens swooped down and settled upon his shoulders. The raven on his left was white as the mists of Niflheim (for back then, all ravens were white), and his eyes mirrored the clouds. The raven on his right glistened in the sun as the snows of Jotunheim, and looked at him with bright clear eyes. And Odin called the raven to his right Hugin, which is Thought, and the other one he named Munin, which means Memory.
As the days passed, Hugin and Munin matched the Allfather’s curiosity for everything in the Nine Worlds, flying around and watching and listening to whatever they could, and in the evenings, they returned to him to tell him all they had seen and heard in the long hours of the day. They told him about the slow thoughts of the mountains, the colorful and ever-changing memories of men, and the sound of the song in the heart of everything that lives.
And though Odin delighted in the knowled
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 11 11
No part of the world I wanted
And yet I came to the Tree
The pain of my life, I shunned it
And yet I bore it for thee,
Seeking to understand you,
Struggling against the spear
Hurt and helplessly hanging
Nine nights that lasted years
Until I said yes to the suffering,
Allowed it to pierce my heart,
Thus making my final offering
Of the last thing that kept me apart,
For my desire to find you
Was greater than it all--
And I felt the spear pass through us
As the ropes give way, and I fall--
And realized the mystery
That we are one upon the Tree
That I am you, and you are me
And bound and free.
© Michaela Macha
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 5 5
Your Name
Your name
Shouted across the battlefield
Whispered in the darkness of the soul
Written on the forehead of the sage
And the heart of the poet
Burning in the minds of explorers,
inventors and madmen
Tattooed into your own
Etched in indelible letters
Engraved in my soul
When all else fades,
It remains
Shining in darkness
Your name.
(C) Michaela Macha
Creative Commons License BY-ND
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 5 4
A little sparrow felt the need
To find the thing called 'air',
But though his wish was deep indeed,
He knew not how or where.
His flight led to a garden patch,
And while he rested there,
He asked a nice plump veggie, "Sir,
What do you know of air?"
- "In all my years, feet in the ground,
I've never seen this 'air';
A pretty myth to go around,
But frankly, I don't care."
The sparrow flew above a wood,
And while he tarried there,
He asked the berries, nuts and fruit
About the way to air.
The fruit considered it their wyrd
To be cut, or put on racks;
The nuts assured the little bird
That one had to be cracked.
Confused, the sparrow flew until
A pride of wolves he spied;
He humbly asked them about air,
To which the pack replied:
"Our fathers talked a lot of air,
Our forefathers did too;
It’s clear that air is just for wolves
And not for such as you."
Dejectedly, he settled down
Upon a greening tree,
When next to him a bird came flown
And twittered, "Don't you see?
"The air is always,
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 9 8
The Ravens
On a rainy night so boring
I heard Munin soundly snoring,
I grew tired of my poring
Perched above Valhalla's door.
"Munin!", screeched I to the ceiling,
Sending the poor fellow reeling,
"Let's deal out a joke to Odin,
One that he'll be falling for -
Just one joke, and nothing more."
Back from barrow ghost invoking
Odin entered, wet and soaking,
And I started with my croaking
From the dark above the door:
"I'm the first and oldest Volva!
All my secrets I could tell ya,
For the right price I might sell, yeah",
And I cawed, "Would you know more?"
(He is crazy about lore.)
"What!", cried Odin, "Quick, be talking!
At the price I won't be balking.
Searching wisdom, I've been walking
Wandering from door to door.
Let my need for knowledge reach you,
All my own skills I would teach you;
Tell me all now, I beseech you!"
Quoth I grinning, "Nevermore!"
(Just a jest, and nothing more.)
Odin with frustration sputtering,
Munin laughing, wildly fluttering,
I was dead-pan and kept uttering
Nonsense abo
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 7 13
LifeLong (song)                 MP3: see link below
My mind has grown weary,
My bones become old;
Where once there was fire
Now ashes lie cold.
A burden full heavy
What once seemed so light;
The grey I deemed dawning
Now leads into night.
Life is long, and the road is longer
That leads to the Gods above.
Time is strong, but the heart is stronger
And the strongest of all is love.
All empty my hands now
Once brimming with gifts,
While under my footsteps
The sands of time shift.
All empty my heart,
All my songs flown away;
My soul full of sadness,
Old child gone astray.
Life is long, and the road is longer
That the stars of hope shine above.
Time is strong, but the heart is stronger
And the strongest of all is love.
New dawn I see breaking
Dispelling the night,
The goals I thought vanished
Again in my sight.
Where I thought the long road
Had come to its end,
A new way is winding
Just after the bend.
Life is long, and the road is longer
That leads to
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 0 0
Once I sought out Him
Whom most I desire,
When, quite unexpected,
My flight took me higher.
Hurtled to somewhere
I'd not been before,
Bereft of my concepts,
My notions no more.
There at the threshold
No memory or thought,
No words and no image,
Nor seeker nor sought.
Before me, an abyss,
A void that was full,
Drawing me with
Irresistible pull.
I clung to the edge
Yet for falling I yearned;
An eternity passed
Till at last, I returned.
I've since had a hard time
To wear my old masks
In the world of fixed forms
And its temporal tasks.
(C) Michaela Macha
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 4 0
Their Voice
"Sing us a song!" shouted the men
On the night before battle began.
The Skald stirred the strings, and once again
Of their heroes he sang to the clan.
And sparks from the fire danced on his lyre,
His words kindled courage to flame;
Both voice and harp rang clear and sharp
As their blades when the morning came;
And singing they went their foes to meet,
To the rhythm of sword upon shield,
To the rhythm of blows and thundering feet,
Till the enemy had to yield -
And round the Skald cried a joyous throng:
"A song now, a song !"
In the hall they built on the land they'd won
His lays were of love and of lore;
With wisdom and wit he wielded the words
As well as his weapon before.
Their bounty now came from their fields of corn
Not from battlefields any more;
For feasting and drinking they raised the horn,
Not for the signals of war.
The voice of the Skald rose mellow as mead;
The maidens were smiling warm
When he praised their tresses, golden as wheat
Or the wealth on a ring-giver's arm.
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 6 5
The Watcher
A war, somewhere. A soldier is crossing a line
when combat begins and something shifts in his head.
I watch. He feels so alive, like never before--
He revels. Ecstatic, the killing. Delightful, the gore.
He´d not known he could be like this. He´ll try to forget,
yet yearn for it later at home. All this is mine.
A city, somewhen. An artist is doing a line;
addicted to beauty, his craving helps him create.
I watch his choice to live fast; he will not live long.
He fades while his dreams become real in sculpture and song.
Soon he will have nothing left, except wait
for the time to pass between shots. This, too, is mine.
A lab, someone. He muses over a graph line.
His life has passed and he knew not the turning of seasons.
I watch his hunt for a truth that he may never find;
nothing else matters. I feel his hungering mind.
His wife had left years ago; he did not ask reasons.
With sudden rapture, he´s seeing the answer. All this is mine.
© Michaela Macha
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 4 5
To a New Odinsman
I can tell who you are
You radiate
Burning desire, confusion
So much like my own
Seeking one who defies being found,
Walking the long road.
It will stay that way, you know
The desire, the yearning
Will never end.
But this should not keep you from walking.
Sometimes you'll be in the company of others,
But mostly you'll know
What loneliness means.
Along the way, somewhere
You will meet pain
And learn to make it your companion.
When the road closes in on you,
Leaving no leeway,
When it loses itself in the wild
And you grope through the thicket,
Close your eyes
Your love is your lodestone.
You will always feel Him
Just out of your reach.
Because He is nowhere
He is everywhere,
His absence his presence.
Don't ask me for directions
I, too, am a wanderer
Lost someplace else.
I cannot tell you
When or if the road will end
But I can also tell you
That you already
Have arrived.
© Michaela Macha
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 9 8
God of Mystery
Tune:"Bound for the Promised Land"
I sing the God who never rests
From finding hidden lore,
And for all the riddles that he guessed
He's ever seeking more.
I follow the God of mystery,
Of memory and thought;
Oh, won't you come and join with me,
To seek what he has sought?
Through labor, trickery and charms
He won the poets' brew,
And breaking free from Gunnlod's arms
From Suttung fast he flew.
A knowledge contest entered he
And pledged his life as bet;
His last question was a mystery,
Vafthrudnir lost his head.
To drink from wisdom's water, he
Feared not the price to pay,
The wonders of nine worlds to see,
He gave one eye away.
Nine nights upon the tree of woe
Triumphant over pain,
To grasp the runes, he looked below
And fell to earth again.
The High One wanders far and wide,
He seeks by night and day,
He calls his children to his side
To walk upon his way.
© Michaela Macha
You can hear the MP3 here:
:iconodins-gift:Odins-Gift 2 6


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