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Innsmouth Look

By Odinoir
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My second Picture with a Lovecraftian Topic, this time a simple Portrait of my interpretation of the famous Innsmouth Look.
It is a tightrope walk, to keep the look human, creepy but not to animalistic in overall shape, but still fishy if you look for Details. ;)

Started it as a sketch on my Nintendo DS then took it to Photoshop, No Ref all imagination 3 h.

Edit: I updated the piece for more realism
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Capital! Wonderfully detailed and just the right blend of all those aspects.
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That's the look for sure. I always pictured the eyes bulging out more but this still gets the bug-eyed impression across without being too overly monstrous. They're just... off, which is how they should be. :D
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Thank you, for your cool comment ;)
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this is fucking amazing, it is ridiculously good.
it's great
it is!
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Subtle, just the right amount of fishiness
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I'a Dagon! I'a Hydra! I'a Cthulhu!!
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awesome... awesome... awesome... awesome... awesome...  dude keep reading lovecraft and drawing lovecraft characters please!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks man! I will!
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The subtlety makes it all the more creepy. When someone illustrates the Innsmouth Look they usually go overboard with the fishiness. The more human it looks the more unsettling it is to see such inhuman traits. Good work!
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I thought the same, even while reading the story. The thought of the fully developt fishpeople killed the overall cool mood a bit for me. Made it a bit goofy..
Thanks for the nice comment ;)
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Subtle, yes. But unmistakable. The eyes and mouth, coloration and skin textures catch my eye the most in terms of delivering the impression of a hybrid creature.

Some very nice work to get the look and feel of a fish in the brother. Very impressive.
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While searching for Lovecraftian images this one made my partner in crime nearly jump out of their seat. Instant fave!
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Thanx man hope you didnt hurt yourself ;)
Glad you guys like it.
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Simply wonderful, Father Dagon will be proud.
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GTFO this is so awesome. MORE MORE!!
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As I see your a fan of mr. Lovecraft yourself, maybe you like this picture of mine, too. My Interpretation of the great Cthullhu: [link]
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You nailed it! the eyes are the best part in my opinion. I also like the subtle gills.
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Thanks, yea thought the same. When I took it from the DS to Photoshop, it was pretty rough but the eyes where already there, givin me enough reason to flesh him out. ;)
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