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Steampunk Batman



My entry to [link] Competition.

Steampunk Batman.

He's got no eyes due to the sophisticated sonar system he has developed based on the principle of bats sonar. A clockwork mechanism turns the receiver inside the ear cavity and a series of wires feeds him information in both sound and image.

A clockwork mechanism on his back feeds into his armour giving him a strength enhancement. It also manages the glider system built into his cloak. You can just about see the scales on the inside of the cloak - they are all connected by a high tension wire system that, at the flick of a switch, tighten to become rigid giving him an effective glider - all clockwork.

Also his batarangs are fitted with a turning gear that spins in the opposite direction of the batarang to improve it's stability in the air.

Linework here [link]

Pen and Ink coloured in Photoshop CS2.

Hope you like it.
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I love everything about this design