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Assassins Creed 1835

By odingraphics
My failed submission for Ubisoft Assassin Creed Artbook.
Slightly different take on the theme - set in 1835 Paris
Photoshop CS4

Download for details
C&C's welcome

Artwork © 2010 Paul Reck. All rights reserved.
Assassins Creed © Ubisoft

Check out my gallery [link]
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© 2010 - 2021 odingraphics
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TheRainbowHoodGirl's avatar
It looks more like Jacob Frye, eventhough you made it long before Syndicate!
totalbacon's avatar
damn, this is a hell of alot better looking than the main character for ac unity, they should have used your character rather than arno! :D
odingraphics's avatar
thanks. glad you like it
AbsentMindDeviant's avatar
Can you make one for 1571-1646, I made a Libyan-Spanish Assassin for that time, with a story and everything, the problem is that I lacked a good artwork, can you provide one for me? I'll be grateful. Ubisoft might even accept your submission for their next Artbook.
odingraphics's avatar
Sorry, while I'd love to work on another assassin piece, I simply do not have time to take on any unpaid work at the moment.
AbsentMindDeviant's avatar
It was just a simple request, don't be sorry, it was foolish of me to ask for an unpaid artwork, maybe in another time.
AbsentMindDeviant's avatar
Thank you for your time.
JouchiroAvashi's avatar
cool looks a bit like Arno
JouchiroAvashi's avatar
Jut saying that he did
odingraphics's avatar
This was painted in 2010. A long time before AC Unity.
Rose-of-another-name's avatar
If i may say. It is an AMAZING picture. but with the overuse of the Assassin's Logo, it doesn't feel piratey....still good my friend
odingraphics's avatar
This is not a pirate fan art, this was created for an Assassins Creed art book shortly after the release of Assassins Creed 2. This is an original character in revolutionary France.
Feilong16's avatar
Hey this piece would be perfect for my group's competition this month. It's a make your own assassin contest. We opened yesterday so there's not much competition. 800 :points: will be the reward so join and submit it, you'll do great. n2k-games-challenges.deviantar…
huskyfish's avatar
This... failed?
Ubisoft done fucked up.
Lawleighette's avatar
Why or how did it fail?
MatrixUnlimited's avatar
Great concept art of an French Assassin during the foreign and international and jurisdictional and regional and territorial and constitutional and governmental and political and federal and national Industrial Revolution that happened during the XVIII Century and XIX Century, and that I would like to see an Assassin's Creed game go to that eventful period, and that don't get me wrong, I love the concept art. However, there are some minor changes that could make this French Assassin better, and these would be: 1) There are too many Assassin symbols on the jacket, and that causes problems because the Assassins are suppose to " Blend in with the crowd " and to " Never compromise the Brotherhood ". So, that could blow the Assassins' cover, as saying " Hey, I'm over here, so come and get me, and kill me ", and we don't want that. So, there doesn't have to be so many emblems on the jacket, and that there isn't and aren't any Assassin emblems that could show that he's part of the French Assassins Guild and Brotherhood, so personally to you, as a DeviantArt User, you should check out Okiir's DeviantArt. He has some good concept art for a French Assassins Crest and Guild Flag. 2) The French Assassin doesn't have a name, and you should always have a name, probably a French name that means Eagle and/or Powerful. 3) There aren't many different weapons and/or weaponry on the French Assassin. Remember, this is the Industrial Revolution and the XVIII and XIX Centuries, and that these things are important to the Assassins Creed and Templars Brotherhood. Maybe you should use some guns and a caliber, and that you should put your swords on the left side, so that the Assassin could reach his swords more easily, whether in combat and/or Assassin training. 4) There isn't a red sash on the French Assassin. 5) Get rid of the fringes on and at the end of the jacket, and replace them with the traditionam fringes of the Assassins uniform.

But, all in all, it's a great concept art. Keep up the good work, and I hope more art fpr Assassin's Creed and for other games too.


MatrixUnlimited, a DeviantArt User
timcer's avatar
Ubisoft had to watch closely your pic cause the new AC:Unity is set in Paris at the turn of XVIII and XIX century :D
odingraphics's avatar
Really? I hope I won't have to sue their ass
Zaneslover13's avatar
That's awesome why would they turn you down
odingraphics's avatar
glad you like it
redkruger's avatar
odingraphics's avatar
Glad you like it
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