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A Dark Mirror

      The pain and darkness had enveloped her. It felt as though the weight of the world was pressing upon her. With her all the strength could gather, she tried to cry out. However, the only sound she accomplished was the gentle gurgling of the blood in her lungs. With every breath, Putira felt her life slip away. One by one the faint moans of the others grew quite and still. Soon the only sound that could be heard was her own ragged breath. In time even that began to fade as the darkness took her.

      Out of the darkness came a voice. It sung to her sweet dreams of long ago. It held her and caressed her. It kissed her pains away. She followed the voice down long dark hallways. She knew this place, and needed no light to find her way. At long last, she came to an ancient doorway. A feeling of foreboding came over her. For a long time she stood, staring at the doorway. She took a deep breath, and pulled open the doors. Slowly she steeped into the great hall of the Gealmörn Palace.

      She was immediately greeted by the smell of death. The once warm and inviting hall was now dank and dreary. As she walked forward, she felt something warm, wet and sticky, beneath her bare feet. She did not dare to look down. The hall was empty with one exception. Upon her sister's throne sat a dark figure. Slowly, the figure stood up and into the light. It was as though she were looking into some dark mirror. The woman, who stood before her, was a version of herself. She had dark hair, and her eyes were black as coal. She cast a seductive smile in her direction. Putira felt her heart skip a beat, as two white fangs relieved themselves.

      The woman began to speak to her. "Why are you here child? You need to go back. Leave this place, for this song is not for you. This place, and it's people belong to me. This family was never yours. You do not belong here. Go back to your tomb child, for this was never your home. Go back to that dark place were you died so long ago." Putira stood there, unable to move or speak. She simply stared at the creature that was herself. Without warning, the woman lunged at her, shrieking as she came, "Leave this place!"

      Putira bolted upright. She looked around the room, somewhat bewildered. It took her a few seconds to get her bearings. She was in her quarters aboard the Raven. She was lying in the bed, still clutching Dr. Izumi’s report. Disgusted, she threw it and the papers scattered about the room. She rolled over, and wrapped her arms about a pillow in a tight embrace. Tomorrow she would go to Lisasia, and reveal everything. She knew it would be a heavy burden to place upon the child, but it needed to be done. However, that could wait. Right now she was so very tired. So she laid there, and cried herself back to sleep.

:bulletred:№ 7 of "The Second Mourning" series: "A Dark Mirror"

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