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Bend to Your Desires

~"I desire to be the most flexible being in the world."~

It almost felt like a dream to Donni, but this may be real, even for a moment. A mysteriously alluring woman named Elise, adorned with jewelry that only covers her most intimate parts, approached the carefree yogini. Elise knows about Donni through her own powers of magic; knowing about her past of how yoga and flexibility "saved her from a broken heart". The omnipotent genie even felt the great strides and progress Donni has made. She sees a lot of potential for Donni to go far beyond anyone's flexibility in due time, so she grants her wish to become even more flexible than ever. 

Donni was already in a cobra pose as she makes her wish. Elise went into downward dog before lifting her leg from behind, easily bending her spine, easily opening her hips to a backbend split. Donni's eyes glow as while letting out a gasp and moan.  Elise's perfectly round, soft breasts came in direct contact against Donni's bosom. In an instant, Donni felt her spine bend further back to a complete fold. Her head fell to between her knees, and her legs bend forward, landing her feet to hip level.  She felt her body fold easily like paper; and her belly felt more hollow with every breath. The position was held for nearly a minute, but it felt like an eternity to Donni. "I've never held a pose like this for so many breaths", she thought.

Donni went out of her trance, but was still in this pose for a few more seconds before slowly resuming to a more relaxing.  She gazed at the nearly-nude genie as the genie winked at her before walking a way.  It felt like a surreal dream, but she has the potential of becoming the most flexible human being...or at least a flexible genie in the future. ;)

This is a gift for Sensuax featuring her sensational original character, Elise Hedone: 

Elise Hedone by Sensuax

Roe did an awesome job combining both their poses in this piece. I, somehow pictured Elise putting Donni under the spell in that fashion. I love Elise's curves in his top-tier coloring and shading, implemented with her pose

Artwork © :iconroemesquita:

Donni belongs to me ---->:iconodie1049:

Elise Hedone is the creative work of Sensuax ---->:iconsensuax:
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© 2019 - 2021 Odie1049
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O.M.G! :O This piece turned out so beautiful! I love the lovely forms of both these luscious lithe ladies. The posing, the story, mwah!:heart: Thanks so much Odie and roemesquita for the gift. It's an understatement to say how surprised I was to see this on my feed. I love the gentle skinship contact they have and how Elise and Donni are exploring and expanding the boundaries of their contortion. And I love the the fact that Elise has somehow fit into the role as a genie of contortion, just bestowing untapped potential to flexy enthusiasts. If there's any out there deserving of becoming more flexible than ever, It'd be Donni! I'd love to do something with the 2 of them in the future, and the prospect of a genie Donni has me reeling tbh. :la: Thanks for much again, this has made my week- nope- my month. :D
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I'm glad for you like :D
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I'm really happy to hear you love it. Thank you for your incredible works, and especially the commissioned pieces you've drawn for me; giving them the extra special treatment. I also really appreciate the support you have shown of my roster of characters. :)
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Real a great picture!
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Amazing work. Love Love 
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Thanks. Roe did a great job! :D
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Now that’s hot :love: 
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