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Published: December 26, 2019
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So her feral ref.
Nothing too special. I used the colors from an adopt I have.
I will be making her anthro form eventually. The fact that I finished this is surprising.

She will morph depending on my mood. She can look mean, chibi, goody, sometimes flowy and pretty. I always had issues keeping characters because I have issues with my bipolar and borderline personality disorder. My view of myself is constantly changing. From dressing really nicely, like a bum, full make-up, to not wearing any for months, etc.

My mood shifts easy along with things I enjoy. Which I know is mostly normal but sometimes I can be extreme. I've slowed down a lot as I start to conquer my mental illnesses. So I will morph her as I go through emotions. I know she doesn't have to be the same all the time.

I'm very flexible with her when she's drawn, just basically keep her originally the way she's displayed.

She can be more canine-like shown or more deer-like. As per the ref.

Her eyes are orbs, they change color depending on moods or just because. Which changes how the orbs/ gems on her antlers look. They float and constantly move. They can be a source of light as well. With her antlers being able to change shapes, they can be even ram-like. Gems are always the tips. Even the color of her antlers/horns can change color. When green they're fuzzy like moss, even have an earthy smell.

She's super quiet when unsure. Close friends, people she trusts, she turns bubbly and goofy. She can be super sarcastic. She has a huge heart but tries to act like she doesn't.

Very physical being, just not to strangers. Nose boops, nuzzling is very common with her when showing emotion. Loves laps despite her size when feral.

The tail can stick up like a deer but the fur-like hair just flows off. Often curly/wavy Often forest debris can often be found in it. Braiding, adding gems, beads, etc is common.

That's all I got at the moment.

Parhelios is © Me

Please don't use, redistribute, upload without my permission. She's a personal character for me only.
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