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Photo Retouching

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 12, 2012, 7:10 AM
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I've decided to offer my services as a photo retoucher.  This is only on a limited trial basis until I can determine if it is something that is feasible and sustainable for me.

My introductory rate will be $24 per hour with a minimum $8 (20 minutes) base fee.  This is in Canadian dollars.  I'll probably boost the prices later.

You can see my gallery for examples of my retouching work.  Almost all of my photography in the last couple of years has been retouched to some degree.

I can do anything from colour correction and photographic effects like antique photos, removing power lines, and blemishes, doing the "Photoshop Diet" and other more advanced techniques.

Just ask me and show me the picture and I will let you know what I can do and how much work it will take.

I'm planning to put up a few examples in the next little while.

Retouch Example 1 by odhinnsrunes   Retouch Example 2 by odhinnsrunes

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