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Moon 1 by odhinnsrunes Moon 1 by odhinnsrunes
I consider the moon to be a part of the scenery.

This was taken with my Canon Powershot A60 through an 8" Newtonian reflector telescope. It is 8 images stacked and processed in such a way that the whole is better than the parts. This was done in a program called Registax. I did a bit of a touch up in The Gimp too.
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Deane Featured By Owner May 18, 2005
Superb camera work. Always wanted to do astro photography myself, but could
never afford the equipment :( Excellent ++++!!!
odhinnsrunes Featured By Owner May 18, 2005   General Artist
Thanks. The equipment wasn't actually that expensive, the digital camera is something I have any way, and the telescope was only $400 CDN ($320 US). The only other equopment was a piece of thick cardboard strengthinged by an expansion slot cover from my PC and 2 rubber bands to hold the camera to the telescope. (High tech eh?) :) I've also taken pics of Jupiter, Venus crossing the Sun and Saturn, but this one is more impressive artistically.
Deane Featured By Owner May 26, 2005
Hi and thanks for the info.

Price of telescopes in the UK is roughly double what you paid in Canada.
I'm going to the States shortly, and will have to keep an eye open for
a Meade or equivalent that I can smuggle back in my luggage - LOL!

Up till now, only been able to use teleconvertors with a zoom lens.
Got some nice pics of the solar eclipse back in '99, but not a patch on the professionals :(
Missed the transit of Venus though. Have to wait for another lifetime on that one!

Take a look at the Huygens Cassini site for the latest pics from Saturn and Titan. Very impressive.


Love your high tech camera solution. Almost as good as mine for the eclipse. Cardboard
tube over the lens with the filter foil held on by the same elastic bands!!!

Cheers and take care,

odhinnsrunes Featured By Owner May 26, 2005   General Artist
Actually there will be another venus transit on June 6, 2012 then not again until 2117 and again in 2125. Good luck getting a scope!
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May 7, 2005
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