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Majoras Mask Link

Primer dibujo de Link que termino. Mi unico objetivo era ese, dar el paso de terminar un dibujo sobre la saga Zelda de Nintendo.
First FanArt of Link (and Zelda´s Saga) that I finish.
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Nice job with the details and palette.  Your style in this piece has the awesome retro vibe of the golden years of the N64, as well as the epic feelings I experienced when I first played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the first time.
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realy awesome! the boots are cool :D
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why didn't they make the ultimate sword look like that instead of the generic swords
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Coz they´r lazy!
Bull5h1tt3r's avatar
no i mean the upgraded sword looked like that, so why couldn't the gold dust + upgraded sword look the same
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I love it! :,D
How did you make that pencil texture on Link? it looks so neat!
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nice, check out my Zelda Majora's Mask Tribute video

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Such an amazing style! Looks so professional, and well done. I love this game<3
I really hope you and Pablo get to remake Majora's Mask since what you two did with that tech preview was amazing. How can we as fans of your work help you realize your dreams? How about a petition?
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Thanks! and as fan, the best thing you could do is share the video and buy our own games in the near future ;)

Thanks again!
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You were apart of the Majora's Mask Video right. Whoa that was amazing.
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Thanks a lot!
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my only issue with this is that Link is Left handed, he is in all the games except the motion control ones, and hes left handed in all official art work, this would be perfect if it only showed him as the left handed hero he always is
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I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter...
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It does to the people who look at it as a change to the normal hero look, his original design and his history. Link has always in official artwork been the left handed hero in green. it was done with a purpose, not just some odd "left handed why not" thing.

I am a huge Zelda fan and have been playing the games sense the first one came out. i grew up with the series. Link being left handed is just as much a part of him as Samus having her power suit to me and a lot of other people.
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Well guess what? In the newest Zelda he is not a lefty. So no matter what you say, it doesn't matter.
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look at offical art work of any other link. hes only a right handed person for the sake of people being mainly right handed for game play. and Majora's Mask link was left handed, and they are SEPARATE HERO'S. , so does matter.. and if it doesn't matter.. then shut up and quit wasting your time on a topic of no importance
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the hero of time was left-handed, yes. But just because Link is only just becoming right-handed doesn't mean he still has to be a lefty all the time.
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even teh artist admits the mistake, so .. again.. why argue with me
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