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Christmas Comes Late
Oh it's a magical time of year,
Shining lights and festive cheer.
A time for family and friends,
Too quickly another year ends.
Though one soul won't be there,
You will be missed, I swear.
Whilst absent on Christmas Day,
Know that I love you from far away.
I hope you can feel these smiles
Across all those miles and miles.
Even though, you, I'm yet to see,
I know that soon you'll be here with me.
Just a few days, it's not long, my dear,
But Christmas is coming a little late this year.
:iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 3 0
I Close My Eyes
I close my eyes and see yours clear as day,
The perfect storm of grey and blue
Beaming at me, a blinding ray,
A stunning sparkle that's true.
I close my eyes and there you are
Standing before me, a shining vision.
So close even though you are far,
Hearts rushing together in a beautiful collision.
I close my eyes and I'm flooded by love,
A tidal wave of sheer happiness and joy.
Euphoria greater than anything I know of
That makes a man out of this boy.
I open my eyes and smile,
It's been quite a while.
:iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 0 7
Asylum of the Daleks by OdeDeVie Asylum of the Daleks :iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 24 5
Fortune's Fool
The fool I was, back then,
Slipping away, panicking,
Unsure how to proceed,
Trying to save my skin.
It was wrong, never should
Have happened, yet,
In the chaos that followed,
A chance to reset.
Clarity returns, dreams aligning,
Fortunate perhaps, maybe,
Happening when it did,
As now I clearly see.
Brighter than ever before,
I know what is true,
Where, what and why, don't matter.
Just who, and that's you.
:iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 0 0
The Coward and The Captain
The Coward whispers untruths,
Saying we are growing apart.
Gathering control of the land,
Smothering the beating heart.
The heart's Captain fights to the last,
Too late, the Coward's ambush prevails.
Defeated, the Captain screams.
The Coward laughing as he wails.
On the usurped throne he waits,
Conquered, he moves to divide.
He strikes, splitting fate in two,
Chaos multiplying as he lied.
Reigning over all dominion,
Darkness encroaching, ever near.
The Captain's strength building,
Bursting forth to banish the fear.
He charges at The Coward's fortress,
Striking down spectral tales
The Coward falls into nothing,
As the falsehood fails.
The Coward vanquished,
The sun rises, end of the night.
The Captain surveys the scene,
As the head and the heart unite.
:iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 3 2
Hi I'm Chuck by OdeDeVie Hi I'm Chuck :iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 20 9 One More Thing by OdeDeVie One More Thing :iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 7 21 Goodbye John by OdeDeVie Goodbye John :iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 2 0 I Wish I Knew by OdeDeVie I Wish I Knew :iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 32 7
North Star
You are the North Star,
There, wherever I go,
Be it near or far,
I feel, I know.
You are the guiding light,
No matter where I stray,
Even in the blackest night,
I can see my way.
You are the eternal rock,
In the place that I go to,
Where I let feelings run amok.
Darling, I love you.
:iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 1 0
HOUND by OdeDeVie HOUND :iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 16 7 I Am Sherlocked by OdeDeVie I Am Sherlocked :iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 28 0
One December Morning
The cold empty space beside me,
Is filled as you slide under warm covers,
To lie, to just lie and to be,
Still, as if the world contained no others.
Forgetting anyone else even exists.
It's just me and you now, my beautiful,
And you are so, nothing more true than this.
Staring deep into our souls, love bountiful.
Our eyes locked in an eternal gaze
Wanting to lie here for infinite days.
:iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 3 2
One December Night
On the TV, a Christmas film plays,
Your family watching with interest.
But my gaze is upon your beautiful face,
And your slowly beating chest.
I caress your delicate cheek,
My fingers bristling with love,
Not dwelling on the others, should they peek,
As I look endearingly from above.
For right now it is just you and me,
And I know that we are fated to be.
:iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 1 4
Could It Be?
A subtle smile and a lingering touch
secret looks slipped past blind observers.
Could it be something I've wanted so much?
I've never been this nervous.
Once more, I find you by my side.
Might as well just be us in this crowded room.
As I feel our deepests feelings collide
and witness something wonderful bloom.
There's silence as the words escape me
but none are needed as we connect.
Our hearts intertwine and I do decree
that this moment is simply perfect.
:iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 2 0
You sit there and glance my way,
sending flutters through my heart.
No idea what I would say,
should I try to make a start.
Do you know the effect you cause?
Was the glance solely for me?
Am I doomed to stay in this infinite pause?
Or will I some day, break free?
So many questions, running out of time.
To say how I feel about you,
That moments with you are just sublime.
Stop thinking, it's time to do.
Crush those butterflies already,
and take those few little paces.
I think this time, I could be ready,
As words fill those empty spaces.
Words escape my lips, no stopping them.
The response, is it what I want to hear?
Or will your reply just condemn,
me to be alone again this year.
Wait, what did you just say?
Well, you haven't run out the door,
A yes? It's a yes today,
So what are we waiting for?
:iconodedevie:OdeDeVie 4 4



So, on the 27th of January 2012, the passing of the greatest show [to me] came to be. On this day last year, the final episode of Chuck was aired, so in honour of that:…

[Cake - Short Skirt Long Jacket]

Of course, famous for being the theme tune.

We miss you, Team Bartowski!



Tomorrow, I shall be giving Chuck a special on Forge Radio [my studio radio station, for which I have mentioned in a couple of song choices earlier in the month] at 4pm. That's Monday 28th @ 4pm, so if there's anyone reading this that I don't actually know, then there you go! XD
  • Listening to: Young the Giant
  • Reading: A Memory of Light [at last!]
  • Watching: Chuck

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