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SS: In Our Dreams

Secret Santa gift for :iconyami-neko-tsuki: . She asked for angsty/awkward Maximoff family. Unfortunately, I came up with NOTHING to fit those. So, I chose to go for the 'aaaaaw' factor instead.

Why Mordred? Because Merlin was just canceled and I can't get Ultimate Avengers Pietro and Wanda out of my head X.x.

They were inspired by :iconblazerocket:'s [link] . Its always been my favorite young twins picture.

...Boy I've come a long way from [link] . Yikes!

Stock by :iconnhuval-stock: : [link]
X-men (c) ....Marvel? Which is owned by Disney now? I don't even know.
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D'awww they're so cuuute!!
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I love the simplicity of their expressions and the detail of the bandaid on Wanda's knee. poor kids
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I find this cute especially since I'm a twin myself. :) My sister and I once fell asleep like that. Except that was on a couch and her head was on top of my chest. We were only 9 when it happened, and my cousin took a picture of it, claiming that it was the cutest thing he'd seen.
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I love twins, particularly boy/girl ones. My youngest siblings are twins and its been fascinating to watch the two of them grow up. And they could be so darn cute sometimes as well as horribly evil.
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Haha...cute :)
Anyway, Thanks for making this art. It reminds me of my good relationship with my twin sister when we were youngsters. That we spent a lot of time together and such...even fell asleep after reading, like on this art :)
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I FUCKING LOVE poses that have such an in-your-face kind of angle :blowkiss: truely scrumptious !
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Glad you like it :). I worked very hard on it.
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I have always loved X-men and love that you made this using my stock for the pose. You did a geat job!
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Thank you :). I worked very hard on it.
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