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I've been taking a short break from making art to do some brainstorming for Plus Ultra. I'd really like to re-boot it ASAP so I've been focusing on world-building. I think I've almost hit a good point to set down the keyboard and pick up the stylus to create some concept art before delving into the comic format again so it may be a while before any of my watchers see any new deviations. I might plop some things in scraps... eh.

Commissions are still open for those interested:…
I am still figuring out how much to charge for commissions. There's a guide/chart in my scraps (there because I am not open yet), but the prices are bound to go up a little bit seeing as the effort it takes to make quality pieces demands a bit more dosh.

I won't be open for another week or so as I am stranded in Canada indefinitely until plans to help family are set in stone. I don't want to start doing business earning money while I am outside of the US. I left my stylus at home, but my sister has loaned me her little Bamboo Pen. It is not as amazing as mine, but it is good enough.

Additionally, my laptop is not powerful enough to color any drawings, so I'll be scrounging up some line-art to color when I return home.

In the meantime, I'll post WIPs on my tumblr. Er. Beware, if you are sensitive to NSFW smut:
... Till the real world.

Hello, everyone!

I'm taking my sweet ol' time making character sheets for the re-boot of Plus Ultra. I'm making tons of character design changes, but the script is virtually the same as it ever was. Anyway, it'll probably be a while before I get to making the comic itself, but I'll try and upload character sheets when I get my hands on a decent scanner.

Till then, aufwiedersehen!
I love learning.

But I hate how much time I have to dedicate to classes and projects I don't care about.
The internet is full of very rude people.

I can take harsh critique and I can take unpleasant comments, but when it is clear that someone is trying their damnedest to insult me for no reason - especially when I try to spread joy and goodness - that is when I lose my cool. The insults didn't come from deviantArt, but from another popular internet community regarding my work here and it disturbed me so that I deleted my final account there. Call it a rage-quit, but why put myself through unnecessary agony and unhappiness at the hands of strangers I don't give a shit about? It's not the first time the community has upset me and I know it won't be the last. So I quit.

I'd rather suffer not knowing what the newest internet memes are than have my work and myself insulted.
I have my own website now! Planning to upload the first chapter of my comic to the illustration section.
If you'd like to stalk my every move concerning art, take a look at my sketchbook in the link below:…