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Soulless Automaton


Thanks to whoever submitted to EQD. ^^

Fanfic inspired by the picture by :iconmasterweaver:: [link]
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Did you make that one Corruption game?
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I don't blame her; If I found out I was a autronic gynoid, I'd lose my shit...
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dragon567lover's avatar
That's gonna be a weird talk between Rarity and her
leeleeconon's avatar
Does that make her a cyborg then, she's bleeding.
Oddwarg's avatar
Nah that's just hydraulic fluid.
bruiser128's avatar
... Now this has got me thinking about Three Days Grace songs.
Psych0plex's avatar
That would explain alot.
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Let me through, everypony! I'm a certified cybertechnician, and this little ponybot needs repairs NOW!
BoredWankerzx's avatar
B-but.. if she's a robot.. HOW CAN SHE CRY?! DUN DUN DUUUUNN
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This is due to a programming error in the control software for the lens lubrication fluid dispensers. We are working on resolving this issue.
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Soulless my rear! Anything that can feel love, wether programmed or not, still feels love, so a soul must be existent within them.
GalaxySeerNumber9's avatar
;_; poor sweetie bot
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Robot or not, damn that's gotta hurt, in more ways than one.
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What fanfic? Link me to it!
Oddwarg's avatar
See the [link] next to the text and picture? That's the one. (FimFiction's interface is a tiny bit confusing but I'm sure you'll figure it out.)
EspyFur's avatar
aww :( this is so....Cool & cute & sad
MarissaSunshine's avatar
Oh my goodness, I remember reading the fic inspired by this picture - it reminded me of it :D
AmrasFelagund's avatar
Nice picture. I can easily imagine that a thousand thoughts are racing through Sweetie Belle's mind at what she sees here...
spark450z's avatar
Just because your hoof is mechanical, doesn't mean you're a robot, it means you have prosthetic hoof. Great pic!
windwaker407's avatar
When would she ever remember getting a prosthetic hoof?
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