Lost art of art...

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Welp, I'm not a super active member of this site much anymore and apparently I have suffered for it as not many people look or comment on my art anymore and that can be a bit discouraging. I can't dedicate a lot of time looking around at everyone else's art in order to get noticed myself. I have a 3 1/2 year old son and he takes up most of my time. Any art I can do takes a bit longer to complete than normal.

You can find more sketches and art on my tumblr where I upload more regularly. If you are interested in still seeing what I have there, follow me there. I don't think I'll bother uploading here anymore... it just doesn't seem to be worth my time, even after so long having been on this site. 

Perhaps one day I'll start using it again... it depends, but for now- don't expect anything new.

Farewell for now.

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Good luck!

Just wanna point out, the activity on the site as a whole died down for some time, now, the problem isn't with your art.
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Jules i'll follow you on your Tumblr, but I always looked forward to your uploads here too < 3
Just do what's right for you hun, real life always comes first
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PrismaticlysmHobbyist Digital Artist
Will miss seeing your art here ;; But rl comes first of course! Good luck with your kiddo and hope to see you come back soon!