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February 23, 2008
-Hands Tutorial- by *odduckoasis is a wonderfully detailed tutorial explaining the anatomy of hands and teaches you tricks on how to draw them so they look more realistic.
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-Hands Tutorial-



UPDATE: I reuploaded the file, which removed the preview image. You should be able to enlarge the file now w/out needing to download. If you still have issues, just download it, it should work.


It's LONG!!
fair warning. xD; Took me quite a few hours to complete. Another project I just got wound up in and had to complete. Now I can move on to other things easier. xD;

I hope it's helpful, never done a tutorial before... oO;

So, uh, yeah. Enjoy. And don't crit the work done, if you have a comment about content, that's fine (like something you wish I'd put in for instance) but to critique the actual tutorial I would rather you didn't. Thanks!

don't fave w/out commenting please & thank you!

edit: xD;; I was informed the sizing was wrong before for the hand. I realized my mistake, the hand was held too high. It's fixed now... sorry about that!!!

Extra: Thanks for all the support and faves on this! I'm glad it's so helpful and enjoyable! =D I love hands, tis a passion. Hope to see some marvelous hands from ya'll in the future! hehe.

Also take a look other tutorials!! Anatomy & Foot
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Thank you , much obliged.