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No problem. ^.^ Anatomy can definitely be a pain to learn. I'm still growing with it all the time myself. =3 Keep plugging forward. =D
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The lighting on this is simply lovely. I like how you did the glowing effect from the green to show on them. I will point out, that some parts of the glowing would be less pronounced depending on where it's at, but otherwise, it's good. The dancing pose is quite fluid and nice overall and I like how you integrated the feet coming out of the, portal? Well done in the transparency.
As far as their anatomy- the one thing I would point out that seems to be happening on both of them, is that their heads are a bit too small for their bodies, but not by much. I know there's an angle to keep into consideration, but his face at least seems a little squished. Her visible shoulder is a little too far out, so it looks somewhat dislocated and her arms overall are a bit too long. The elbow should be equal to the distance of the waist line. I know she's curving, which would indeed make one arm look lower, but if she were to let her arms fall at her sides, her hands would almost be touching her knees. Her right arm, if it was straightened out more, you'd find the correct length. (Also, it would flow right over his crotch, so in a way you could 'hide' that bit w/out making him look like a doll figurine. xD).
His muscles are very well defined, though I would suggest since his arms and chest and abs are so defined, you should look into making his legs just as defined, because they lack the details of the muscles there, it looks a little unbalanced. Either you need to tone down the overall definition, or put more into his legs.
I love her hair, the flow of it and the shading is well done. There is a spot on the left side where there's light reflecting on top. Considering that there is no light source coming from above them, that part of her hair should be cast into shadow.

Overall, well done on the piece and keep up the awesome work! <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/b/b…" width="15" height="15" alt="=D" title="=D (Big Grin)"/>
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Wow, if you hadn't said you used stock for some of the elements, I never would have known! You integrated it all so very well. I had to search for the kitty tho, haha. The only think I would have liked to see more of, is the windows. If they'd been bigger in the front so to use them in the further distance buildings, that would have made the buildings more connected. I love the extra elements of the cogs and gears inside the buildings and all, that's cool. I think perhaps making the robot a bit bigger or more pronounced might've been good since it's suppose to be about him, and honestly, I didn't see him at first. I love the overall feel of this though, it's well done. It feels like a children's book. <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/s…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" title="=) (Smile)"/>
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I think you did well in getting the details of the clothing down, even with a rather small reference to work from. I like that you thought ahead to say 'if he were an animal, how would it work on his tail, legs..." and added the bandages and the buckles on his lower legs there. The details and coloring here is superb, great job in doing the black besides and coloring in that cool cell shading is nicely done.

His right arm, the one that is up, however, isn't quite high enough, even though I know it's bent behind him some, the elbow seems a little.. short. It could be the perspective is just throwing me off, but it does just look a bit low. Though I'm not a big fan of cutting out one toe on anthro's, I know it's a style, it jsut looks a little strange to me, but the legs and paws are great, even down to the fold of skin an d all. His other shoulder, facing us, his left, also seems maybe dropped a little too low- not by much, but almost in a disconnected sense- but, like I said, not too much.

It does very much feel like a poster and that's awesome, I like the feel with the name on the side, the border and even the spray painted 'bad' on the backdrop. Definitely gives it more dimension by putting a bg on it, even if a basic one, I like it better than if it was just plain white. Adds more to the whole effect.

Over all, well done. <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/s…" width="15" height="15" alt="=)" title="=) (Smile) - =)"/>
Fanart - Anthro King of Pop
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No no, I wouldn't say the anatomy sucks at all. Actually, the anatomy is very good! I would say that the back isn't curved correctly though, as when sitting like that, the back curves opposite than what you're showing here, which is far more stiff and would make it difficult to lean over the leg as it is showing there. I made that mistake a lot, the back is a difficult thing to get curved correctly. I think the details are well done, but not taking away from the main part of the subject. I like that there's more to see as you look at it longer, such as seeing the snake and the different flowers, it's well put together and thought out, I think you did well there.
I do think you ought to look into more contrasting though, since there would be different light being cast in the background than in the foreground where the character is, and that would make the main character stand out more, even if you 'faded' the background, which can be done with a kneaded eraser (it'll 'lift' the lead coloring w/out having to erase)
Overall, I think you did well with this pencil work and I'm sure the more you work at it, the better you will become. Keep on plugging away!
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