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AatR R3 - What does she have in her pocketses?

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Fur and Fangs Chapter 01 - Page 06

Fur and Fangs Comic

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Fur and Fangs Christmas 2013

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Brilliance #41

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Gryphons Comic REVAMPED 3

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Oddthing and the Portal Device

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HTTYD2 Alpha Toothless Commission

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Undercover Cop WIP

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Shoulder Cat 1


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Dead Pigeon Stock and Reference

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A New Skin - Walter's First Story

A New Skin I'm not even certain he said it, only that it is in my memory that way, that it would only hurt for a moment.  Everyone says that about things they know will hurt, small attempts to comfort you and diminish what is to come, but perhaps he didn't say anything.  Maybe I just made that part up to comfort myself.  I tore my gaze from the starry moonless sky to look at the gift my friend had given me.  I watched the blood ooze from the two circular puncture wounds on my upper arm.  The pain from the bite was gone, but the strange feeling in my arm began to spread. "You'll probably start to feel some pressure right about now," Walter l


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Man Self MEME


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Toy Stuffed Dragon


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