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Brilliance #39

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I had a snail.  His name was Gandalf. (Granted, snails are hermaphrodites and he has laid eggs, so technically he’s an “it,” but I don’t like that pronoun. I wish there was a third-gender pronoun in English. “They” doesn’t cut it for me.)  He loves to explore and is very active most of the time when I get him out of his container.

Sure, I know he can’t understand me, but I still have fun talking to him.  :)

The reason I don’t have him anymore is because I moved to Canada and even in the States it’s illegal to take snails across state borders. :( It’s sad. I miss him.

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What's happened to your snail since you left xem? Anyone taking care of 'em?
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OddstuffsProfessional General Artist
Mother nature is. I released xem into the wild! It's where xe really belongs anyway.
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Oh! Well, that's ok. I didn't think your parents would... with any kind of joy.. or want, take care of them. If you ever visit, maybe you'll find the offspring nomming on the neighbor's gardens.
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OddstuffsProfessional General Artist
My parents probably would have taken good care of him, but they wouldn't see the point. It's a snail, not a cuddly pet. :)