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Does Anyone Care about This? by OddSquadFan2003 Does Anyone Care about This? :iconoddsquadfan2003:OddSquadFan2003 1 7 Really VTM? -_- (I still Like Him) by OddSquadFan2003 Really VTM? -_- (I still Like Him) :iconoddsquadfan2003:OddSquadFan2003 4 7 Me in Papa Louie Form by OddSquadFan2003 Me in Papa Louie Form :iconoddsquadfan2003:OddSquadFan2003 10 9 I have Ponified Myself by OddSquadFan2003 I have Ponified Myself :iconoddsquadfan2003:OddSquadFan2003 6 8 One of the Dumbest Videos I have Ever Watched! by OddSquadFan2003 One of the Dumbest Videos I have Ever Watched! :iconoddsquadfan2003:OddSquadFan2003 2 6 Hannah Rants: The StefieB Fandom by OddSquadFan2003 Hannah Rants: The StefieB Fandom :iconoddsquadfan2003:OddSquadFan2003 3 8 My Odd Squad Meme by OddSquadFan2003 My Odd Squad Meme :iconoddsquadfan2003:OddSquadFan2003 9 1


Why 2018 Sucks So Far.....
Hello guys, and today I am going to explain you the reasons why 2018 sucks so far. If any of you guys still like this year, that's cool. So anyways, let's get started. 2018 sucks because:
1. On February 14, 2018, Nikolas Cruz shot 17 people in a high school in Florida. He could've got arrested for doing that (I'm glad he actually got arrested anyways).
2. Some of the most famous rappers are still getting arrested (I.E. G-Eazy, Kodak Black, Meek Mill (I'm glad he's out of prison), etc.).
3. Drama!!! Of course, we see drama everyday because there are still people fighting all over social media. Like for example, on February 17, 2018, Stephan Swaby was raging at Cianan Irvine all because of a video he made on October 2017. I know it's from the past, but he shouldn't be doing it anyways. On March 16, 2018, C.B. The Wolf showed her privacy to PopsicleAddict and blamed Lowry for all of this shit. And we still see drama, everyday. Ugh.... 😑
4. A couple days ago, a volcano had erupted
:iconalmirvelovic:AlmirVelovic 6 54
Destiny Nazario In Papa Louie Form by AlmirVelovic Destiny Nazario In Papa Louie Form :iconalmirvelovic:AlmirVelovic 20 5 Hannah Ponified by Shawna1111 Hannah Ponified :iconshawna1111:Shawna1111 4 0
The DeviantArt App on Phones Need an Update
This app needs an Update for the Smartphones and Tablets that they are using.
And I got reasons why should this company need to update this app.
1: They should have an option to delete any art for obvious reasons on the internet about why should they need to delete. Maybe mistakes, or something wrong with their art that isn't right.
2: They should have a block list option where you can block people that they hate so much.
3: They should have an Edit button like on the actual website to update arts to go from good art with mistakes, to the art of perfection, and disable comments when someone's Character Elimination Art, or someone's Q&A Episodes are closed. And on the journal section, they should edit on stuff what is missing.
4: The tags option should be added on the submit option when they are fixing to post today's deviation.
I'm NOT trying to push the DeviantArt Staff, but they do need to update this app.
If you read this DeviantArt, I hope you get the idea.
:icondylanyeskumino:DylanYesKumiNo 4 3
Almir Rants: StefieB (DISOWNED)
Oh god, I can't stand this whole toxic StefieB fandom and STEFIEB herself. And I have decided to make a rant journal on StefieB (a.k.a. one of the most toxic people on social media ever). So anyways, if you disagree with me on this rant and like StefieB, I'm fine with that as long as you don't bash my opinion on her.
Honestly, StefieB is some YouTuber who has over 30,000 subscribers and makes pretty cringeworthy videos. Mostly because she claims that she takes criticism, yet she uses criticism as an excuse and she is also pretty too young to be on the Internet. I know she is a little girl, but she must be 9 years old or something like that. Also, her fandom is pretty damn toxic and most of her videos contains taking a troll/user seriously. And her fanboys/fangirls are pretty damn rabid (including Cianan Irvine). Her fanboys just protect StefieB all because she is getting hate from those people like us. Honestly, in conclusion, I never wanted to associate with StefieB anyways, so that's
:iconalmirvelovic:AlmirVelovic 6 16
Question #19
How is 2018 so far?
:iconalmirvelovic:AlmirVelovic 3 27
Question #17
What are your New Year's resolutions?
:iconalmirvelovic:AlmirVelovic 2 15
Almir Rants: LogomaxProductions
Hello guys, no introduction needed. So for today's rant, I'm going to talk about LogomaxProductions. So here we go:
LogomaxProductions is the most stupidest person I have ever sawn in my whole entire life. Why? Well first off, he constantly spams 24/7 and even spammed all over my profile. Secondly, he makes up lies about me and said I love Pokéfetish, and he really disgusted me. Third, he is your typical IGUA member who sends his lousy fanboys (like :iconTheTroller1903: for example) to attack me. And finally, he thinks POE is the best anime ever, yet the POE is a shitty group.
So that's all for today's rant. I'll see you guys later. Peace out.
:iconalmirvelovic:AlmirVelovic 9 31
Question #13
What is your opinion on LogomaxProductions?
:iconalmirvelovic:AlmirVelovic 3 47
My Look For December 2017 by AlmirVelovic My Look For December 2017 :iconalmirvelovic:AlmirVelovic 24 7


Hey guys, I wanted to Show my Favorite, Neutral, and Least Favorite Characters.

10. Judy Hoops (Zootopia)
9. Dr. Fox (Unikitty!)
8. Big Smoke (GTA SA)
7. Talking Ginger
6. Sheldon Cooper
5. Daisy the Bunny Rabbit (Nature Cat)
4. Andi Mack
3. Stan Marsh (South Park)
2. Trevor Philips (GTA V)
1. Agent Oona (Odd Squad)

10. Emerald (Mysticons)
9. Super Why
8. Tommy Pickles
7. Larry the Cucumber (VeggieTales)
6. Dino Dan
5. Brian Griffin
4. Amber (Andi Mack)
3. Ryder Wilson
2. Eric Cartman
1. Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Least Favorite
10. Dora
9. Master Frown (Unikitty)
8. Officer Tenpenny
7. Devin Weston (GTA V)
6. Gary Smith (Bully Scholarship Edition)
5. Ord (Dragon Tales)
4. Ballas (GTA SA)
3. Giffany (Gravity Falls)
2. Romeo from PJ Masks
1. Odd Todd (Villain from Odd Squad)

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