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Okay, so migrating all 650+ comics of Dragon Doctors to will take a while, it might be as long as a WEEK to get fully updated. This is partly because it tends to chug during uploading comics portions, and sometimes I get errors here and there. Keep checking out and feel free to throw some comments on the old-ass ugly-ass comics that are currently uploaded (as of this writing, halfway through chapter 2)

I'll try to throw you guys some new content too up on Deviantart when I'm not doing other things. Got to keep my loyal fans fed and my hands in shape!
Hello! The new in-progress site (with only three test comics up, I don't want to get too far before I learn everything, lest I screw up majorly) is up at Merlin's webspace.  The url is and if you check it out now you'll see it. I hope I can make it look better than it currently is, but it's coming together...
Drunk Duck has failed me for the last time! That means I'm migrating all my comics to another site graciously provided by Merlin, and installed with handy-dandy Wordpress software plugins! Sweet, huh? This will further slow me down but when it's all done I should have a vastly superior website to share with you all. I hope, anyway...still learning the ComicPress controls...
Okay, everyone who's been reading my stuff! Thanks for reading. You may have noticed that I haven't put up anything new in a little while. That's because The Dragon Doctors is moving to Drunk Duck! It already has, in fact. So head on over! I'm producing like practically every DAY now, even weekends! WOOO HOOO!…
Wow, so Dragon Doctors is both taking longer to finish than I thought and also is way longer than I thought it'd be when I first started out! Oh, boy, this is crazy.  The delay for the next comic is mostly because I had a variety of problems coming up and also scrapped the new design I had for Goro in favor of a better one. I should update again pretty soon...thanks for your patience!
Good lord, how long has it been since I updated? Oddsquad comics are still not dead--the project's still very much alive in my mind.

However, I needed a long break and this new comic, Dragon Doctors, is my warm-up!  Hope you guys enjoy, I plan on colorizing this puppy once it's all done.
Well, I *was* going to have that comic up by today but it's a fight scene involving drawing several things I never tried drawing before, so I'm taking extra time on it to make sure it looks good. Bear with me, folks.
Had another panic attack last night. Not feeling good. Hampering progress of comic, of my ability to function at work, at my ablity to generally enjoy myself and not be a total spaz.  I'm also suffering from the dread feeling that something I plan on spending a lot of time and mental effort in doing is going to be ultimately worthless, but I guess that's not something totally unique to me.
Okay, no comic for today (finished but not posted.)  I'm gonna put up five in a row next week, one a day, starting Monday.  Weekend will be spend building up the buffer.  Have patience!
Hmm, factoring in the sick time and Holiday time, I still  haven't been putting out comics as fast as I need or want to. Problematic. I've been suffering from a general malaise lately, too.  Need to work on that.  I apologize, folks.
So I started my comic! I will try to update three times a week, possibly five if I think I can swing it. It should come easier now that I've gotten the first one done and gotten over my jitters.  I hope you look forward to it!