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Okay, so migrating all 650+ comics of Dragon Doctors to dhscomix.com will take a while, it might be as long as a WEEK to get fully updated. This is partly because it tends to chug during uploading comics portions, and sometimes I get errors here and there. Keep checking out http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com and feel free to throw some comments on the old-ass ugly-ass comics that are currently uploaded (as of this writing, halfway through chapter 2) I'll try to throw you guys some new content too up on Deviantart when I'm not doing other things. Got to keep my loyal fans fed and my hands in shape!
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Hello! The new in-progress site (with only three test comics up, I don't want to get too far before I learn everything, lest I screw up majorly) is up at Merlin's webspace.  The url is http://dragondoctors.dhscomix.com and if you check it out now you'll see it. I hope I can make it look better than it currently is, but it's coming together...
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Drunk Duck has failed me for the last time! That means I'm migrating all my comics to another site graciously provided by Merlin, and installed with handy-dandy Wordpress software plugins! Sweet, huh? This will further slow me down but when it's all done I should have a vastly superior website to share with you all. I hope, anyway...still learning the ComicPress controls...
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guesssssss whooooooooooo
Hey there! I've been an off-and-on DD reader for a while now, and I've always appreciated how the story takes on the implications of psychological trauma that would accompany an unwanted transformation; something a lot of similar stories often leave unaddressed. And inner conflict is something that can really connect a reader with a story/character, and that's a theme DD delivers really well, so by all means, keep it up!
Sorry speed, looks like I'm going to upload an incomplete version because my devise has a limited like span without its charging cord and during charging I'm unable to do any thing that requires precission because it starts spazing out on me, so I'm going to start uploading in as little half an hour from now, merry Christmas!
dunno if you checked, but drunkducks is down again
Yeah, I know...
Thanks for the fav :)
Thanx a lot for faving! >w<