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Blackheart Reference sheet by oddsockzx Blackheart Reference sheet by oddsockzx
See the rest of info on Blackheart here:…

Name: Blackheart

Age: 1508
Birthday: valentines day
Gender: male
Species: demon(incubus)
Rank: King of love
Husband : Dr. Recluse/Seth CrystalBanshee 
 (art not by me)

Clothing: usely something with hearts on, anything revealing, colouring but is supposed to wear rich robes.
for better understanding click on this link:…

Accessories: eye patch (with red heart and cross on it) silver crown (red jewels on it) spiked collar (sometimes has charms on it) spike tail rings, earrings (one a bead chain loop the other a chain downwards and triangle end)

Distinguishing features: tribal markings under his eyes , his aura(it has a red colour) and his eye-patch.
Hobbies:cooking,reading,singing and playing the piano. 

 fluffy tail (winter and autumn) or demon tail (summer)

+pink, red and black
+spider webs
+valantines day

Dislikes (still working on this)
-the fact that he is loud and sometimes upsets others
-loud noises
-Non-sweet things
-spicy foods

Personality: (+good/- bad/? i'm not sure)
+sweet hearted
-angered easily
-sometimes obnoxious
-sometimes scares people with flirty nature
-too flamboyant for his own good

Bullet; Red  He is an outcast to others as he is more of a friendly and nicer than most demons.But has a close group of friends which he adores.
Bullet; Black he was originally a cat! (lps custom)
Bullet; Red his crown is not real its a plastic one/cheaply made one ! (that the other high -up demons gave to him to be what they call "nice".other demons will wear expensive crowns or elaborate headdresses.)But he love's it eather way!
Bullet; Black he hoards socks.
Bullet; Red He has quite a few panic attacks.(this happens if he accidentally hurts someone he loves or something that causes him to think he has done wrong)
Bullet; BlackHe is easily upset.owers:
can glow a red colour when angered and can use magic but It is not very powerful
CrystalBanshee Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Now remember to put color into the character
oddsockzx Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Student General Artist
oh yeah I for got 
CrystalBanshee Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don’t forget lol
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