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painting underwater bubbles on paint tool SAI

A new and updated version of my now old as balls bubble tutorial. Now with shinier bubble and section on cel shading (and magical glow!). 

I hope you all have fun making bubbles, if you use my tutorial please do link me to what you made because I'd love to see it!

All feedback appreciated. :)

Here are a couple of pictures where I used these bubble-drawing methods, if you'd like to see them in context: Old Art Re-Redraw - Vaporeon Morph by Electrical-Socket Beluga Mermaid by Electrical-Socket 

Other Tutorials: painting scales with Paint Tool SAI by Electrical-Socket 
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The best part is you can make any shape be a bubble!
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This tutorial is awesome and I had so much fun making bubbles >w<
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I'm really glad you found it helpful! :D
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Thank you so much for this tutorial! It really helped me out with this piece I just finished! Space Bubbles 

Your work is amazing! :)
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The final product looks incredible, you are talented!  Thank you for the tutorial!
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Thank you so much - I hope it was helpful! :)
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This tutorial is amazing, thank you! But I'm having some problems and I was wondering if you could help me...I have SAI 1.1.0 and I can't do the sixth passage. It seems that if I press lightly the size of the stroke decreases and the color is very bright, what can I do?
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It sounds like, to me, that possibly your brush settings are linking pressure sensitivity exclusively to size, rather than to density? If you go to the 'Advanced Settings' area of your Brush tool settings, are all three boxes at the bottom (labeled "Press", "Dens" and "Blend") all checked?

If all else fails, you can achieve a similar effect with the Watercolour brush on a low density. :)
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those are really awesome bubbles!! the best i've seen. could you put a file to download with all the different brushes you used that can also be used in photoshop????
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Thank you very much!

I'm afraid I don't have any special brushes (nor do I know how to make PS brushes that function in the same way - SAI's blending tools are very different to PS) so I'm unable to make a brush pack or anything like that. I do specify which standard brushes and the settings I use in the tutorial though, so hopefully that's still helpful? c:
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Oh that's totally fine it was super helpful even though I didn't have the exact same brushes and setting! Thanks you for replying and being FABULOUS ٩(๑❛ワ❛๑)و
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This is very helpfulI am a dummy! 
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look so amazing
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This is amazing. Thank you for sharing your secrets with us! <3
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This is so great *0*
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I really needed this!
Thank you so much!
Now I have less fear of making a drawing I had in mind.
(Though I'm still new to Sai so it might not be as great as these. xp)
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I just used this method for a pic I just uploaded, thanks so much, you saved the day ^^
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This is so helpful, thank you!!  
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When i turn my layer into Luminosity everything dissapears..
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Are you working on a darker coloured background than your bubble itself? The technique I use in the tutorial is optimised for use against a backdrop darker than the bubble. The luminosity setting should make the layer brighter than what's behind it, and if you're using a light background that'll make your bubble rather hard to see!
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