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GLaDOS x Chell - Blankie

*edit edit* SnapCentino WROTE A FIC based on this and it is ADORABLE. It is so cute. An improvement upon this old comic, in my opinion. Absolutely go read it! 

Aperture Science Thermal Insulation SheetThe halls of Aperture Laboratories were utterly, utterly quiet. Every testing apparatus was shut down, and the turrets had gone into sleep mode for the night. From the safety of her control chamber, GLaDOS looked out through the eyes of her many security cameras.
It had been a very busy day, that much was certain. Wherever she looked, GLaDOS saw bullet holes, scorch marks and storage cubes resting on buttons. And yet, during all that testing, not one drop of blood was spilled, not one tear was shed, not even a bead of sweat had formed on the skin of her only remaining test subject.
GLaDOS would never admit it, but she had begun to admire Chell. She had performed better than any test subject on record. Even the Weighted Companion Cube had failed to break her. Truth be told, Chell probably would have escaped by now if she wasn’t so occupied with...
“Oh dear.”
GLaDOS engaged her thermal scanners, sweeping the entire complex for living creatures. Without the preoccupation

*edit* I fixed the quality! It doesn't burn your eyes any more, hoorah! Full view is probably a good idea?

Don't you look at me that way. I'm not being affectionate . I just don't want my only human test subject freezing to death.


Stop looking at me.

Stop looking at me like that or I'll take that blanket away and then you can just shiver in that corner forever.

Much better.

Yet again I've been drawing all day and producing nothing other than Portal fluff. Don't judge me!

There was gonna be a fanfic a bit like this, but you know how I am with writing. It's a great idea in my head, but then I try and actually DO it and...nothing happens. Nevermind, eh?

I don't think I'd sleep under an Aperture brand blanket.

Enjoy the entirely uncalled for fluffiness!
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I find it so cute, this like a mother and daughter relation

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Uh huh...this wouldn't work a cause Glados is a machine and she's nuts
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That's great and all, but this artwork was drawn 8 years ago. And on top of that, I stand by teen me's right to be a big ol' ChellDOS shipper whether you think it would 'work' or not.

There's nothing constructive about leaving comments like this. You can just scroll on by if something's not to your taste.
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I wasn't saying it to be mean don't bite people's heads off
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If you genuinely weren't, I apologise. I am confused why you would say it, though. It's a wholly negative comment, and I'm not sure what sort of a response you were looking for.
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well, I may not be emotionally, un-compatable machine (last time I checked)

but I do belive, everyone - even someone with 0 compasity for any emotion, does eventually get one emotion.

usually it's fear/self-preservation

but in glados's case?

I would say her emotion would be ... MISERY

and as we all know MISERY LOVES COMPANY
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Wakes up *scream*
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This is adorable but it's weird seeing GLADoS being nice to Chell
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I don't know anything about Portal, but I really, really gravitate towards the sweetness of this.   Thanks for the feels.  Too Much Hugging 
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YeeEeEeSSsSs fluff
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I'm dieing of cuteness
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possibly emperor's new groove reference?
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Haha, I'm afraid I wasn't thinking about that back when I drew this, but I sure do see the parallel! 
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You're very welcome!
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glados: a r e  y o u  c o l d
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i feel like thats actually caroline because you know chell is her daughter
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