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SA | Kolr | Checkpoint 2 pt.2
2.7 What are you most proud of in your life?
Pride ... it really was a strange thing when you really thought about it. What did it mean to take pride in something? Well, the thing ought to be something that is deserving of pride, right? One shouldn't take pride in say ... coming in last place, or finding a completely random and unremarkable rock on the ground. No, no. Things deserving of pride were actual accomplishments. Maybe they were unique in some way, or something that others would aspire to want, or be like. Could you be proud that you were such a nice person? That might mean you aren't humble, but pride and being humble aren't compatible, are they?
These were the type of thoughts whirling around in Kolr's mind; frenetic, and hopelessly loud.
Although Kolr didn't immediately know what there was for her to be proud of, she knew what things there weren't. For example, she couldn't really be proud to be a Seroran. After all, she had been
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SA | Kolr | February Prompt by oddmountain SA | Kolr | February Prompt :iconoddmountain:oddmountain 9 0 SA | Through to your soul by oddmountain SA | Through to your soul :iconoddmountain:oddmountain 10 5
SA | Kolr | Set 2 Checkpoints
2.1 You accidentally got your hooves on and drank a bad potion. How do you feel?
The sun rises over Sedo, but Kolr does not rise with it. Instead, she is curled in a rather uncomfortable looking position beneath a cactus which towers over her frail and pale form beneath. You can see that a few of the cactus' spines have pricked Kolr in the rump. They - and everything else about the scene - make the entire thing look rather uncomfortable. 
Hours go by and still the girl does not stir.
Her heartbeat - if you could possibly hear it from where you are - beats so slowly and silently that many an untrained eye might call her dead. Indeed with her ashen features and rib-y body, she does not look far from emaciated. But the heart beat is there, just as real as the colours that line her face. But unlike the colours, it is simply much harder to detect. Slowly and seemingly with much effort Kolr awakens. The sun has already made quite a bit of progress across the sky, maki
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SA | Kolr | Studiousness
Some would say that the desert was composed entirely of one colour, perhaps two. When asked, “What colour is the desert”, do you immediately think orange? Tan? Is it “light brown”, or perhaps “faded yellow”? Even to many Serorans who have lived amidst the sands for all their lives, the descriptions they offer are not any more buoyant or pregnant than a mere scattering of colour adjectives. But these words have no life, they carry none of the vibrancy of the desert - its heat, its passion, its life.  Perhaps that is why Kolr often found herself drawing or painting alone. There was no one else in the entirety of Sedo that saw the desert the way that she did. Or if there was, Kolr had not yet met them. But her life so far had been short, and so perhaps one day that would change.
For now, Kolr painted alone.
It was not that difficult finding the plants necessary to create her palette. Although the lessons about how to survive in the desert rarely in
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SA | Kolr | Set 1 Checkpoints
1.1 What's your herd like? Do you like them? Dislike them?
Dislike them? The idea seems absolutely ridiculous to Kolr. On the one hand, of course Kolr likes her herd. She adores them. But on the other hand, it seems absolutely inconceivable to the pale girl-child that it would even be possible to dislike them. They are her everything. Kolr is no fool, and she is well aware that were she ever to be left on her own, she would not survive long. Her herd is what allows her to flourish in the harsh desert of Sedo. "They are awfully friendly." Kolr says after a pause, her voice diplomatic and her tone neutral. Truthfully, Kolr would be much happier if the folk simply smiled and nodded as a greeting, rather than offering flourishes of words and prolonged hugs. She didn't fault them for it of course, and knew that it was she who was the outlier, not them. Just because she liked to live in the silent fantasy
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SA | Kolr | Introduction Meme
You’re pretty easy on the eyes, what breed of equine are you?
Kolr blinks.
Then she blinks again, presumably while the wheels in her head turn. Although .. she doesn't look like she's thinking. Her large blue eyes appear wholly vacant and the smile on her lips remains plastered where it was before the question was asked. 
So you try again. "What breed of equine are you?"
"Breed?" Kolr breathes in response,the happy smile faltering slightly. Her head tilts as she regards you, perhaps now with a tad more scrutiny than before. "Horse of course." She finally admits, the rhyme making the smile on her lips brighten. What a strange question to ask, Kolr thinks. She clearly displays no qualities or extra appendages that would lead anyone to believe that she was anything other than a common horse. And because the question was clearly so strange, Kolr wondered if there wasn't some hidden meaning or implication that she was missing. Kol
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