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It was Saturday morning, on a rare yet lovely peaceful day in Elmore, the sun was out, birds were chirping, the flowers were in bloom, but who really cared, or at least who cared in the home of the Watterson’s where two...well not exactly bright minded, more so bumbling successfully kids, Gumball and Darwin lived, ready to spend the Saturday doing what they’ve always done, waste their eyesight and less importantly day on their computer, but unlike any day before, this would be quite a peculiar day to use the computer, a peculiar day indeed.

Gumball and Darwin were staring at dumb videos on the internet, same as usual, the same goofy stuff you’ve always seen online people getting punched, kicked, chopped, hit in the balls, cat videos, compilations, top ten lists, and the same generic stuff, but eventually Darwin thought something.

“Dude, we’ve spend an hour looking at dumb videos, can’t we do something else already?” Darwin groaned, with red eyes staring at the screen.

“Well got any better ideas?” Gumball chimed back in, staring mindlessly at the idiotic videos in mass.

“I don’t know, try just browsing around until we find something of value.” Darwin shrugged.

And so with that out of the way, Gumball decided to scavenge across the entire internet, he checked the forums, he checked the malware sites, he checked another compilation video or was until Darwin groaned, he checked for hours on end, ok really it was five minutes, but still none the less Gumball checked across all the worthwhile sites across the internet, but to no avail, they couldn’t find something of value to do on the internet, it was a drag, and endless drag indeed. But just as all seemed lost, a pop up occurred on the screen, to the two’s surprise it was.

“Oh hey look another pop up from all the bajillion malware sites you went on.” Darwin pointed to.

“Hey those are not pop ups!” Gumball defended. To which right after several easily noticeable pop ups started showing up across the entire computer’s screen.

“Remind me to update my computer’s antivirus once we find something of value.” Gumball groaned.

“Eh, fair enough.” Darwin replied, “But what’s that one?” he said as he pointed towards it.

Gumball then scrolled further up in order to see the ad and it appeared to be an ad for a game, it was called “Mind Match!” it seemed to be a puzzle game of sorts, in which you were supposed to line up several multi-coloured blocks together in order to obtain a sort of score. \

“You know anything about this dude?” Gumball asked.

“Nope, nothing at all.” Darwin answered back.

“So uh, interested?” Gumball thought.

“I mean if we’re being fair, PC puzzle games are just made for moms and aunts who don’t have anything better to do with their time, but neither do we so go for it.” Darwin answered.

“You could’ve just said, go for it y’know?” Gumball said as he searched up Mind Match on Not-Google.

“I could’ve, but where’s the fun in that?” Darwin smirked.

As the game loaded, it showed a longley worded Terms of Service on a strange brown scroll background. Gumball and Darwin started to read through it, using their brains for once, but this short moment of intellect wouldn’t last long as the two looked at each other and a mental agreement to just skip all the boring text and get to the actual game. Eventually the game loaded, and it seemed simple enough, you had squares of multiple colours more specifically red, blue, green, purple, and yellow, and you had to have two or more of them line up either on the top or right by it to have it pop and add to your score, in fact it even seemed to have a two player option, quite the deluxe feature.

“Oh cool two player mode.” Darwin said sitting on the far right of the keyboard, while Gumball took the left side.

After the two read through the rules, and how to do everything, it all seemed ready to go, and figure out something to do over the Saturday.

“Ok so we got all the rules down and junk right?” Gumball asked.

“Yeah, yeah let’s just start already.” Darwin replied, to which Gumball pressed start, beginning the game then and there.

Gumball, as player one, was the first to start. Gumball started out pretty well getting the basics down fast and combining squares together quickly.

“So I guess you just keep going until you run out of squares to add together or you slip up?” Darwin reasoned.

“Explain it in your head dude.” Gumball said right before he had slipped up.

“Aw come on!” Gumball exclaimed, but his annoyance quickly faded once he saw that he had received 500 points already.

“Heh, what do you have to say to that?” Gumball bragged, but as he was bragging his fur changed to a lighter colour, until changed into a shade of really hot pink, to which caused Gumball to jump out of his chair in pure shock, afterwards he saw that the very fabric he was wearing, and on a larger scale you could even say the fabric of reality itself was changing, as his usually seen wearing tan sweater grew longer downward, becoming a short sweater dress, with his grey pants becoming grey leggings. To which afterwards, Gumball’s face grew slightly longer eyelashes, while also becoming slimmer as well, and just after Gumball’s checks became more rosey red & overall more seeable, long blonde hair poofed from the top of his becoming wavy in the wind from the window, and just as two bows on each side of his newly figured blonde hair came from thin air, a sharp, but noticeable pain was felt in his crotch, making him into a her.

“What the what!” Gumball yelled before covering her mouth, shocked by her more girly, high-pitched voice.

“I’d say, nice hair.” Darwin said sarcastically while Gumball panicked across the room.

Gumball kept running across the room, screaming even, and it wasn’t helping that her clothes had become girly as well, replacing some of her sweaters with dresses and other girly fashion.

“I don’t get why you’re so calm dude!” Gumball yelled.

“Let’s be honest, we’ve done so many weird things at this point, that running into a cursed video game site that turned you into a girl version of yourself, is less scary, and more so funny to look at.” Darwin explained.

“If this happens to you, I’m mocking you.” Gumball groaned.

But just before the two could bicker any further, Anais came right in.

“What’s the matter with you two yelling?” Anais said while again, barging right in.

“Ok so me and Darrwin went on a game site alright?” Gumball explained.

“Uh, ok?” Anias said, somewhat confused.

“Ok, ok, but get this, it was cursed and now I’m a girl!” Gumball yelled.

“Yeah, Gumball is a girl now, guess I have two sisters.” Darwin shrugged.

“Again, if this happens to you, I’m mocking you.” Gumball bickered.

“Is this supposed to be some dumb prank?” Anias questioned.

“What?” Gumball and Darwin replied.

“Oh come on, it’s obvious, first of all calling Bubblegum, Gumball was obviously wrong, and two Bubblegum thinking she was a guy, ever.” Anais explained.

“B-but.” Gumball stuttered.

“Yeah, yeah whatever, just stop being so loud.” Anais said before walking away and shutting the door.

Darwin and Gumball stared at each other in shock.

“Wait, did the game just change reality?” Darwin theorized.

“Seems so, guess I’m in quotation marks, Bubblegum now.” Gum-...Bubblegum replied. “Call me that, and you die.”

“Eh fair enough, Gumball.” Darwin replied.

“That’s more like it.” Gumball replied back, “Now it’s your turn.” Gumball said, pointing to Darwin’s side of the keyboard.

“Wait what!? I’m not becoming a pink cat too!” Darwin exclaimed.

“If it's anything like Dodj or Daar, we need to finish it before things go back to normal.” Gumball reasoned.

“So if anything goes wrong, it’s just temporary?” Darwin stuttered.

“Yeah, just that.” Gumball explained.

“Well all right, but if it goes wrong for sure I’m blaming you.” Darwin said before starting his turn.

“Yeah, and I’ll be mocking you, you’re welcome.” Gumball said smugly.

And so Darwin, cautiously played his round, he didn’t get as much as Gumball, mostly due to his said fears, and so by the end had, had around 250 points, a mere half of what Gumball had gotten. At first it had seemed as if nothing would occur, perhaps Gumball had simply gotten unluckily cursed, simple as that. But eventually, Darwin started noticing that his Sure let’s go with that his orange skin became a tanish colouring, but there were more pressing matters at hand, as with a sudden sharp pinch his flipper merged into his body, reducing him to a state of dyspnea.

“He-help me.” Darwin said, unable to breathe.

“What should I do then!?” Gumball clamored.

Darwin was unable to respond, but thankfully for him, his body was merely reshaping itself in order to go from an aquatic mammal into a..well you’ll see, anyways he was able to breathe again, much to his and Gumball’s relief, but this moment of short joy wouldn’t last as he noticed on top of his skin a hard brown substance was growing, and it kept growing across his head, until it eventually it was all covered up, causing Darwin to have a Darwin-shaped crust on him, but the last of these changes would end with a sharp pierce as Darwin grew two small tan antlers as well.

“Dude! I look like P-” Darwin was about to exclaim.

“Penny, I know I mean more so an almost fish version of her, but yeah.” Gumball considered.

“Not helping!” Darwin said nervously.

“Well now you know how I felt when I grew long blonde hair!” Gumball clamored.

“Ok well point made, now you go up, it’s your turn Bubblegum.” Darwin said, not even considering he just said, Bubblegum.

“It’s...ah forget it, It’s my turn anyways.” Gumball said, before starting up.

Gumball, unlike Darwin, decided to go full throttle, go all the way, and kept trying to make chain after chain, after chain of square combos, he just kept going until he could be stopped, and it wouldn’t be until he had reached 1,620 points.

“Nice Gumball, but uh how exactly is getting more points a good thing?” Darwin said while touching his antlers.

“Well uh, bragging rights?” Gumball shrugged.

“You didn’t think this out did you?” Darwin groaned.

“If I did, then we wouldn’t be here would we?” Gumball boasted.

“You did not just boast that you were an idiot.” Darwin said, shaking his head.

“Hey free co-” Gumball was about to reply before she felt a twitching feeling her legs, and it just kept going until out of nowhere, Gumball began growing taller, by a somewhat large amount, reaching to around the top of a computer monitor now, and even further when standing up, his legs just keep growing out, but they appeared quite curvy for a “guy”, in fact they even seemed feminine, his hips started to widen, by a small margin, but a margin none the less. These more lower body focused changes would end with her pants becoming less of a dress, and becoming a pair of tight grey yoga pants.

“I think I know where this is going.” Darwin thought.

“What makes you say that?” Gumball said sarcastically.

Any signs of gut would soon evaporate away, as the fat in his stomach started fading away, awaiting to be pushed upward, for better use, meanwhile her stomach caved in, giving it a new hourglass figure. But as soon as she thought this would be the worst of it, the fat from her stomach had finally reached its destination, and started to ram itself into her chest, it made her lose her balance a couple of times, but eventually while she was on the ground it was finally able to grow into a pair of fresh, firm, round pair of breasts.

“Nice.” Darwin said while directly at the prize to behold.

“Shut up.” Gumball said sternly.

Overall the changes were close to completion until her eyelashes became more polished and covered in beauty products, or at least that’s what seemed like the end, as a few mental changes had soon occured as well. As it was over Gumball tripped on the ground, to which Darwin attempted to help her out.

“Gumball you ok?” Darwin asked.

“Ha, that’s funny alright.” Gumball? Replied, “My name’s Bubblegum you dope.”

“Wait what!?” Darwin said shocked.

“Well yeah, at least it seems it's been for the last what, sixteen years.” Bubblegum joked.

Darwin was left stuttered, speechless even.

“Are you good? Cause if you’re going to be doing that for the rest of the day, then I need to get prepared for tonight, I got a date with Penn later.” Bubblegum said, checking her nails.

“You mean Penny?” Darwin replied.

“No, I meant what I said silly.” Bubblegum giggled.

“Well alright…” Darwin commented back. “I swear if we fix this…” Darwin mumbled to himself.

So, as per norm now, Darwin kept playing, and play he did, as he reached 1,100 points this time around, a quite impressive feat considering his previous score for sure.

“Not bad little dude.” Bubblegum said, patting him on the head.

“Yeah he’s lost it.” Darwin mumbled, but while he was mumbling he noticed his shell started to reshape, you would’ve thought Bubblegum would’ve noticed it, but it had appeared as if nothing was happening at all, eventually the shell would contort rather interesting, several shapes, until it picked a final form, an upside peanut like shape.

“Oh this couldn’t get any worse.” Darwin thought.

But it could, and it would, as this was appearing to be the final round, the end all be all situation, a duel against Bubblegum and Darwin was about to occur. And so they played against each other, going back and forth over and over, it was a close battle, it could’ve been anyone’s game, but as time would show well again and again and well yeah again, Gumball would overall reach a higher score, of around 3,100 compared to Darwin’s 2,500. A close one to say the least, but before either of them could comment on the situation, one final large transformation was starting to occur, as Bubblegum started to get slightly taller, but more noticeably, Bubblegum’s lip made a loud popping sound, as they grew vibrant red lipstick across the whole board, freshly added as well, her breasts started to enlarge by a tad bit, becoming more wider and rounder you could say through age over time, and much like it her skinny figure started to become more round, but not by much, while her hips and rear grew larger, while her rear grew more bubbly and round, but lost a bit of its former firmness. However the most noticeable change around there was the change in age, as slowly Bubblegum went from sixteen to thirty one, with new memories rushing in from dating Penn, going to college, going broke from college, getting a job at the Monochrome Factory, and finally getting married to Penn years later and having a child of there own quite recently, that child being…

Darwin was currently feeling the changes rush into him, he was staring at the new quite mature Bubblegum as slowly the shell started to encase Darwin further, but the more pressing matter at hand was Darwin shrinking in size, it had seemed he was starting to decrease in age, becoming a mere five year old, but as he did his eyes were staring at Bubblegum, he couldn’t get his mind off him, her, him, her, him….her. And eventually as the new antlered peanut looked at Bubblegum, he didn’t think of her as an girl, or a bro, or a sis, or anything just….a…...just….a

“Hey mommy, how’d you win so easily.” Patrick Jr. asked.

“Oh it’s simple sweetie, I’ve been playing this for years!” Bubblegum replied.

“Ohhh ok!” Patrick Jr answered.

“Now that that's done I’m going to go talk to my sister for a bit, ok?” Bubblegum explained.

“Which one’s that?” Patrick Jr. asked.

“Nicole? The only other cat in the house?” Bubblegun explained.

“Oh, see you mom!” Patrick Jr. clammored.

“I’ll be right back hun!” Bubblegum said right before she gave a long loving kiss on Patrick Jr.’s forehead.

“Haha, that tickled.” Patrick Jr. laughed.

And so, with that done, the site had served its purpose, another family grown for the better, but I wonder who could’ve made such a bizarre site, with such bizarre purposes I wonder where it came from, a hacker?, or perhaps an entity from the Void itself? Who really knows.

Great to be back after a mild hiatus! This isn't the planned Gumball TG I talked about earlier, but rather more so a test for whether I could come close to the show in terms of writing style character wise. Honestly as a show Gumball has got to be one of my favorites for fanfiction and the such as due to its eccentric variety of characters, you could practically write a story about whatever you wish, as long as you have the will to of course.

Next Week: Fly in the Freedom
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Another great story ^^ I can't wait to see the other tf story you have been planing for humball