The Christian message behind the Confederate flags

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By OddGarfield
                   <da:thumb id="494167229"/>       Grunge Confederacy Battle Flag by evmir1       Grunge Flag of Confederacy (2) by evmir1      Grunge Flag of Confederacy (3) by evmir1  
                   The First National flag:   The Confederate battle flag: The Second National flag:    The third National flag:  

The first National flag of the Confederacy; the Stars and Bars banner:
The first official national flag for the Confederate States of America which was used by the Confederacy from 1861 to 1863, this came to be designed by an artist who was originally of Austrian decent who had recently immigrated from Europe to the United States before the Civil War had begun, William Thompson. The creation of the banner was quite simple really, he took his Austrian decent and the 13 stars of the original Revolutionary War banner that the American colonists had used to fight against the British Empire to preserve their newly found American independence and mixed the two designs together.

The Confederate Battle flag:
The Confederate battle flag was created some time after the first national flag of the Confederate States of America was deemed official by the Confederate government in 1861. It was mainly used as a military banner to rally troops into battle on the Confederate side of the Civil War and was later proposed to be entered into the second and third national flags of the Confederacy to better acknowledge that the Confederate States of America was a militarized nation.

The Second National flag of the Confederacy; the Stainless banner:
The second official national flag for the Confederate States of America was proposed to the Confederate government to be appointed to as a new banner design because the original banner would sometimes be confused with the flag of the Union States of America on the opposing side of the battlefield in the Civil War in from 1863 to 1864. This new banner was accepted into the government and rallied into battle.

The Third National flag of the Confederacy; the Blood Stained banner:
The third official national flag of the Confederate States of America was proposed by generals of the Confederate army in 1865 to replace the previous national flag of the Confederacy which was often confused with the flag of surrender a few months before the Confederate States of America surrendered to the Unions advance into the southern states of America.

The message found within the three national flags and the battle flag of the Confederacy:

The red field of all four of these combined designs of the Confederate flag represent the Blood of Christ.
The white border represents the protection of God.
The blue "X" in all three of the other flags represents the Christian cross of Saint Andrew, the first Disciple of Jesus Christ and Patron Saint of Scotland.
The 13 stars in these four flags represent the 13 southern states of secession in the United States during the American Civil War.
Thus, the message of the three national flags of the Confederate States of America and the Confederate battle flag is:
"Through the Blood of Christ, with the protection of God, We, the Thirteen States, are united in our Christian fight for liberty."

Please note, I did not list the naval jack of the Confederate navy because the Confederate battle flag represented the Confederate military.
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As nice as your story is, it is completely contradicted by statements made the actual designer. It uses the diagonal cross because he wanted to avoid religious meaning, originally it was going to use St. George's cross. According to the designer. Those are also the colours he associated with democracy. According to the designer. Probably worth mentioning that red, white and blue were also the colours of the country they were seceding from and that they revolted against 100 years ago. So as nice as your story is, it is much like the "Teddy Bear's Picnic", infantile and detached from reality.
Unfortunately, I have found about three websites (I cite below the site that offers supporting resources) that refute the claims on it's symbolism made by OddGarfield.

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Despite what some historians opinion may be, there is without a doubt no denying that the Southern Cross is a clear copied redesign of the Christian Saint Andrews Cross from the British Isles.
Actually we do not need historians to cast doubt on your opinion, we have a letter from the guy that made the flag that flat out contradicts you.
I appreciate your information on the history of the confederacy, but could your please cite/give the name of your historical source for the Christian meaning/message of the confederate flags.  Several people have asked me what the historical source is????  Would greatly appreciate the info - thanks!
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This is a Web journal which as I know isn't the best of presentation but it contains the history of the Southern Cross and the colors presented in all of the Confederate flag(s) of the former CSA:…
OK, the quote listed as some kind of explanation of the battle flags symbolism.....someone PLEASE show me where that is listed as anything remotely associated with the actual government of the CSA?  As in committee meeting minutes from the: Committee on the Flag and Seal of the CSA?  Please? Otherwise I am still inclined to believe this quote is nothing more than a Post-CSA embellishment.

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Ahh, I finally know what the details on the flag represent.
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Yup,  one of America's most miss understood set of banners.
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Okay, so please don't be offended by this because I'm not trying to be rude or judgemental or anything. I started reading this because it was submitted to a Christian group I'm a part of. I also read some of the conversations in the comments, and I was wondering, do they teach it like this in school in the Southern states? I live i the Northern US, so I was wondering if maybe the history books have different facts. Again, not trying to be judgmental or anything towards you, I'm just curious :)
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I would figure that all of the states would teach the same history to be honest.
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History books in the North are actually diluted to delude.
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I kind of assume that,  I don't want to go up into Yankee territory,  I may loose weight by the Federalist grip that they hold on peoples soul.  xD
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They only hold grip on those who allow it.
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That's true,  like the gullible libtards (Liberal + retard) who think that they need everything wireless when in reality, its a open door for hackers to get control of your belongings.
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I appreciate your zeal and reverence for freedom.
I'm every bit as upset by the liberals as you are (believe me), but we should refrain from name-calling as much as possible, if we want to be taken seriously.
Do you know what I mean?  Name-calling will only serve to make us look immature and at our wit's end.
I want to bring the good America back, for real.  I know you do, too.  For that reason, we must represent our cause in a manner that earns respect and trust.
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Alright,  I adopted the "libtard" name from a friend anyways.  We must seem professional.
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 Ooookay. I'm a Christian, an African American, and from the South. And I can't say I'm cool with the Confederate flag personally, but you just keep being you. I ain't gonna judge.
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I just figured I would explain the message behind the flags, I didn't really expect this much hatred from some of the people who have read this.
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I'm not hating! DX I was just stating my opinion, and I don't wanna judge you or nothing! Sorry if I came off as rude or judgemental!
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I didn't mean you were hating, I was referring to the others. Sweating a little...  Sorry for the confusion.
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It's cool. 0-0 And I can understand why others disagree since just from my views, it just is a reminder of slavery. Even if it didn't exactly represent slavery, it's just a cruel reminder to some people. Kind of like the Swastika for German people and even people of other nationalities. Sorry for the terrible analogy, I'm just saying, I can see where everyone's coming from.
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Actually the meanings of the flags that he listed aren't correct. Well at least for the stainless Banner William T. Thompson said the meaning of the flag was "As a people we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause." and "As a national emblem, it is significant of our higher cause, the cause of a superior race, and a higher civilization contending against ignorance, infidelity, and barbarism." Now the confederate battle flag was designed by william porcher miles he was one of the more radicals in the the confederacy he even advocated for the south allow the international slave trade. So these flags are a symbol of slavery.
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