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Wulfenbach Song

By oddfeesh
It's in scraps for a reason. Not just 'coz it was done many, many months ago.

The pictures are all by Phil and Kaja Foglio, and most of the dialogue is from an old post by someone else in the yahoo fan forums...I've forgotten the user's name, but I do remember they were a frequent poster. Unlike me, who hasn't lurked around there in ages.

So, in summation, my part consisted mainly of cut n' pasting things out of context, and reconstituting a few mouth shapes and elbows.

And if you don't understand it one bit, you'd best have a look at this, and then hurry on over to the Girl Genius site.
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Really cool!!!
Gil is THE guy!
Happy Cry - Smiley  It's a thing of beauty!
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okay, this was hilarious and very well done. <3
CosplayerAlchemist's avatar
please tell me you sent this to phil.
DaemonThor's avatar
totally awesome
Weilyn's avatar
When Gil was in Paris he called himself Gilgamesh Holzfäller.

Holzfäller is german for lumberjack.
aftertheotheruse's avatar
"I never wanted to be a Wulfenbach..."
That is something I didn't know. Thank you for introducing this information to me.
oddfeesh's avatar
... o_o I had no idea.
That is absolutely glorious.
DaemonThor's avatar
my brain just imploded
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YAY! Comic book song filk!!!!
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Zet is a genius song! I tip my hat you,
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This is the funniest thing I've seen ALL DAY. Girl Genius + Monty Python = FIVE KINDS OF WIN.
Othar was right-Gil is into monkey women!

My god, now I'm gonna be imagining him speaking with Michael Palin's voice.
oddfeesh's avatar
ack! and now I am imagining the same.
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Genius. Pure genius.
I love it. It's hilarious and so well done.
Red-Tatsu's avatar
Sing, Gil! Sing! :iconcrosseyedclapplz:
SFFCorgi's avatar
This is relentlessly cute, even if it's a creative construct of three Masters. *grin*

BTW, Tom Smith does keep promising us a serious, for-real Girl Genius musical =one of these days=. He knows we're waiting....
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Even if yours was the part of cutting and pasting, this is a piece that is worthy of notoriety.
deFig's avatar
I freakin adore this! Hilarious XD
oddfeesh's avatar
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ahahahah thise is a genius work! great illustration of awesome lyrics :icongrin--plz:
oddfeesh's avatar
thanks! can't take credit for anything other than putting the two together, though :)
fmorgana's avatar
ahah, yeah, but it still is fantastic, putting all the pieces together so neatly and awesomely is a great job :)
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