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XP Vista Pack

Aero pointer scheme:
-Unavailable cursor made with proper transparency
-Normal cursors work with 'Enable Pointer Shadow' option

Vista RTM sound scheme:
-Re-encoded for better volume and clarity

36 Vista RTM Wallpapers:
-29 1920x1440 wallpapers
-7 1920x1200 widescreen wallpapers

Using XP Vista Pack:
After installation,
1. Choose 'Windows Vista' sound scheme in Control Panel.
2. Choose 'Windows Aero' pointer scheme in Control Panel.
3. Choose a Vista wallpaper in Display Properties.

Preview wallpapers: Preview

Main download is 32bit installer

Download x64 installer: Download

Forum: Forum (with fast mirrors)

***Last updated: 29th Mar 2007***
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oooooh i can pank so many people with this  grinfaceplz 
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
Nice skin.
Thanks, i am very glad for it.

Heine sko Lehmann
Nice skin.
Thanks, i am very glad for using it.

Heine sko Lehmann
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even though i am a newby here and almost everything amazes me here, i must say, this is exceptional work. Keep it up. Cheers
Geneforge's avatar
Superb work, sir.
grawrcaity's avatar
This is awesome :D
smartfoolishboredkid's avatar
This is an amazing pack. Thank you so much! :D
gehrminator's avatar
Works fine. Thanks Buddy
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Thanks for this pack, my computer life become more enjoyable.
Awesome job :hug:
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I can't believe it took me so long to find this! Great work. It's awesome!
my pc can in stall the thing!!!
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Thank you for making this, I love it :)
I know this pack through PCjapan.
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After installation I can't seem to find the wallpapers anywhere. Where are they stored?
oddbasket's avatar
Display properties>Desktop>Backgrounds
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They do not show up in that list. If they did, I wouldn't have asked. Anyhow, I found them myself. They were installed to C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper.
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That's odd, since Display Properties gets its list from x:\windows\web\wallpaper. I'm not sure why it's not working for you, sry.
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thanks for your work.
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Very nice, impressive. The installer works perfectly, without overtiring existing files. The sound scheme is bound to fool real users... :P

Nice job with the desktop wallpapers too; I prefer the aurora wallpapers personally. The fact that they install with theme files really makes it easier to switch between the themes.

I congratulate you.
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