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Royale Remixed



This mod grew from a finishing Royale Noir project to encompass Zune bug fixing as well.

If you are a fan of Microsoft's Royale, this is the only Royale theme you will ever need.

The theme now consists of 3 color schemes, Royale, Royale Noir and Royale Zune.

For Royale Noir, Microsoft came 50% of the way, and I went the other 50%, a lot of work and bugfixes was done to finish the theme.

For Zune, work was done to better the distasteful orange and many bugfixes implemented that Microsoft messed up.

Current version is 1.47, screenshots and the very long changelog can be found in these forum threads:

SP3 users need to run SP3 UxTheme Patcher to load unsigned themes.

Alternative Downloads:
Softpedia Awarded 5/5 Softpedia's Pick and 100% Malware Free Awards
Softonic Featured Program

x64 Installer:

Royale Remixed Thread: (WIP up to v1.47)

Updated 4th Nov, 2007 to Version 1.47. Read the Changelog in the Readme for the list of changes.

I had to re-up the links to stop the user emails from coming, so I took the opportunity to fix the glitches brought up by users the past year. Thanks for the emails even though I might not have replied to all.
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