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OB Windows Media Player 11 V3

By oddbasket
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OB Windows Media Player 11 Visual Style
by oddbasket

Comes in 4 sub styles
-Vista 48 (For 'Use large icons' option)

Comes in 3 font styles:
-Segoe UI (require Segoe UI and Segoe UI Bold fonts not provided)
-Comic Sans MS

-Install the VS and choose Windows Media Player 11

Special Thanks
To leosss for the use of certain Vista graphics from MiVista RTM.

***Goes best with my XP Vista Pack***

Changelog from Ver1 to Ver3: Changelog

Forum: Help requests
FAQ: Troubleshooting

Download x64 installer: Download

Download Dark menu version:
Download (x86 32bit) Download (x64 64bit)

Download 120DPI version: (only Vista style)
Download (Self-extracting)

***Final updated on 28th July 2007***
© 2007 - 2020 oddbasket
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I'm hoping someone ports this to Windows 7 someday.
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Thank you so much for the style. I have been long looking for a style similar to windows media player :D

btw, is there a way to remove the Windows media player at the top of the start menu? Idk why, but I find it not that neccesary XD.
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This is a very nice theme! By the way, can I port it to Windows 7?
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I'm using the Vista sub style and it's perfect! Great work and thank you!! :worship:
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hmm this is nice, tested it.
evin tho it is nice im not likeing the vista orb on the defult.
mabe on the defult, a defult start button/blue, and for the vista style one (start menu) keep the orb.

willnot use untill disided/and or fixed :(

nice work tho :)
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Hey...This is nice...
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Perfect Style! Love it :P
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Where is the download?
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Wow thank you man....
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Very nice like the dark one myself good work indeed :)
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Nice work! I love this visual style.Thanks. :worship:
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Hi, very good gallery ;)
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The links to the 64-bit versions don't work anymore. Any chance you can email?

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Any idea hwere I can get the dark menu version of this theme? The link to it on this page doesn't work anymore.
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I just [b]love[/b] this theme, the blue lighting on the role over and currently selected effect inthe task bar is just awesome! :D
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... is still now one of the most beautiful and functional versions of Windows_Vista-WMP11!!!
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this is long old, but you wouldn't know how to get the .msstyle to work without stylexp would you? i'm not sure if it's a common problem or if it's even supposed to be like this, but i can't get it to work without stylexp...
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Can you upload the 120 dpi version somewhere? The link you provided is not working anymore. Thanks!
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This awesome this awesome what program do this theme? as I form it in PC?
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Sorry, I don't understand completely?
Are you asking what program I use to make this theme? If so, it is Stylebuilder
If you asking how to use this theme in windows? You need to patch a system file using uxtheme multi-patcher first.
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