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Peripeteia: Chapter 14
Chapter 13: Rain on the Roof of the Watering Hole
The portal issued forth the hapless ponies, and most stumbled onto the mud, while Gilda and Rainbow Dash floated gently to the ground. The rain was bucketing down onto the streets, which were lined with rickety wooden buildings. Rainbow Dash recognised them all: none other than the buildings of Appleloosa. But these rooftops were all covered in huge metal plates to catch the rain and funnel it into barrels, atop which Horned Kin were on patrol, scanning the streets below. Everyone darted into shelter before the light could fall on them, and before they could get too wet. They saw Winged Kin going back and forth on their own night watches. But the most intimidating part of all was the towering structure in the distance; a huge building like several sheds welded together, rounded by tremendous chimneys.
"Right... I'm supposing we need get to that building," said Trixie.
"If we will move to make our stand, we'll need one or two help
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Peripeteia: Chapter Thirteen
Chapter 13- The Cost of Tough Love, a Loving Child at a Terrible Price
And so began the team's adventures in rescuing. They tossed leaves over the heads of Kin to confuse them, while unshackling Diamond Dogs and leading them into the shrubbery. They lassoed the Kin's wings. They blinded and distracted Kin with light show displays. They dropped down on top of Kin from the treetops. Sometimes, they even telekinetically slammed Kin into the trees. Bit by bit, the team disposed of the Kin subtly, and in their own individual ways. But even as their roster of dogs grew and grew, and the Kin grew less and less, eyes filled with hatred watched from afar, and the teeth of their owner ground fit to fill the jaw with chalk dust.
These four and their mongrels are making the most powerful armies in Equestria look like bumbling goons!
Where's dat creepy lil' twig when ya need 'em?! Guy seems ta dink dat teaching dem guardsmen howda sing is bedder dan helpin' deir sorry plots track a few da
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Peripeteia: Chapter Twelve
Chapter 12- Melodies, Explosion and a Midpoint
As the four fell from the doorway, they immediately struck a bank of damp earth and leaves. Gilda sat up, rubbing her beak. "There has to be a better way to travel."
"Everyone in one piece?" asked Cheerilee.
"I think so," said Twilight. "I wonder where we are." She got up, and found she'd pushed her way up on a gnarled root. She looked around. The four were in the middle of some sort of woodlands, one that seemed to blot out all the stars and moon, leaving the place very faintly tinged with light. The mist rolled about like some sort of snake, and the trees seemed to give off an otherworldly vibe, like they were more real than the rest of the world. "...Oh no..." she said, "We're...we're in the Everfree forest."
Cheerilee gasped in horror. "Goodness gracious! Not the Everfree forest!" She started hopping about with fright. "Oh no, oh no, this is the worst place to be at a time like this? We could get lost! Or worse, attacked by some
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Peripeteia: Chapter Eleven
Chapter 11- A Friend in Need is Still a Friend
Rainbow Dash finally slowed down inside an alleyway. She dropped to the ground, waiting until Trixie and Cheerilee caught up. Across the road was the factory, boarded up and abandoned as before. But this time would be different.
She shifted to Fluttershy. "Trixie, there are some guards hiding by the door, waiting to ambush us. Could you please use a light spell to blind them for a moment?"
"Childs play," remarked the sorceress. She lifted her hat, aimed her horn at the top of the door, and flashed the tip. A glowing speck shot out of the top and arched across the road. The three ponies shut their eyes. But even through the lids of their eyes, the light was brilliant. They slowly opened their eyes, as the glow faded from side. There was the sound of hissing, and the covering scenery shook.
"Um...I think you maybe overdid it, maybe."
"Pish posh! They'll only be blind for like a day or two!" Trixie trotted across the road, and the othe
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Peripeteia: Chapter Ten
Chapter 10- Passage in the Sky, Enigmas of the air
The dark control of the Nightmare regime saturated all of Equestria, and continued to spread. As far as any eye could see, there was not one track of inhabited land that escaped the empire's clutches. But it transcended what could be seen as well. The kingdom laid its roots far into the earth, beyond pony access. The sewage system, now underground complex of Manehattan was proof enough of that. The caverns and catacombs hidden away in the mountainsides and deserts were no safer. Once home to hundreds of frightening subterranean monsters, the caves had all been made sites of eviction, for conversion into oubliettes. But the rule was not restricted to the ground and those beneath it. High, high into the air, beyond the bank of grey clouds mixing with the smoke of factories and fireball makers, floated Cloudsdale, the home of flight, the greatest city ever built aloft. But, just as the ground below was tainted and scarred, so too w
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Peripeteia: Chapter Nine
Chapter 9- The Bowels of Metropolis
"Is everypony okay?" said the voice of Cheerilee.
"I think so!" said the voice of Pinkie Pie. "You okay down there?"
"I think we can take that as a yes!"
"Right...Pinkie, could you get us a light?"
There was a pause.
A bright light came on, causing Cheerilee to wince. Twilight looked about the cave, her horn glowing white yet vaguely purple. A river of a revolting colour filled with nameless trash floated by them. The circular walls were made from concrete, and were covered in cracks and pockmarks. The Kin that pursued them lay completely unconscious. In the corner, a rat cleaned itself thoroughly, then suddenly noticed them and fled.
"Charming," said Twilight. "I tried going to Rarity, but she wouldn't come up. Couldn't stand the stench I guess."
"Can't say I blame her." Cheerilee remarked.
There was another groan from the floor. They looked down at their saviour, who lay in a crumpled heap. The dark cloth shr
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Peripeteia: Chapter Eight
Chapter 8- The City Afraid to Sleep
Twilight would be lying if she said she was prepared for the ride. The moment she slipped through, she felt like she was caught in a wind tunnel, with walls made of gravity-defying water. All she could see was Cheerilee in front of her eclipsed by rapidly appearing rings of iridescent light. All of a sudden, she felt her path diverge, like the passage split off into a second current, dropping her out of the tunnel, and to a skidding halt on the tarmac.
Even as she got up and stroked the graze on her chin, Twilight was aware of the distant sounds of a buzzing metropolis. She opened her eyes, and looked down a grimy stretch of road. The sidewalks were cracked and messy with overturned bins and benches. The brick walls were plastered in spray painted obscenities. The dark shapes of buildings that stretched towards the heavens were half formed, and unwarmly lit. Off in the distance, a towering Statue of Liberty confirmed her fears; this was indeed
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Peripeteia: Chapter Seven
Chapter 7- There's One Scorned Every Minute
The landscape of the mountain rim wasn't exactly hospitable at the best of times. Even before you reached the jutting cliff face, loose soil and stinging nettles made for an unpleasant journey if one didn't stick to the path. Things had only gotten worse under the new reign. Potholes dotted the ground, no doubt a hole leading to some kind of threat underground. Multiple boulders and high ledges were embedded in the ground, as if some Kin further up the mountain had thrown them down there for the purpose of having more boulders and high ledges embedded in the ground. At least, that's how it seemed to Twilight, as she, Cheerilee, and the schoolteacher's bulging saddlebags worked their way over the churned-up terrain. Unluckily for them, they had somewhere to be over all of this. And the pathway was the first place the Kin would look, or so Cheerilee had said.
Twilight flattened herself against a cuboid boulder, pulling Cheerilee with her
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Peripeteia: Chapter Six
Chapter 6- Transformation, Exposition, and a Beginning
The pony groaned. Her head was pulsating. Her legs and neck felt stiff and aching with disuse. She felt like she was on some kind of boat, drifting back and forth. There was a taste of metal in her mouth. She didn't know how she'd got there.
She concentrated and focused her energy, attempting to move at least one part of her body. With as much effort as she could muster, she forced her eyelids to flutter open. The world was dark and blurry, but gradually grew clearer as she rapidly blinked, and felt tears rolling down her face. The first thing she saw was a set of purple hooves lying against a wooden floor. Her hooves, she realised with a jolt. She was Twilight Sparkle. Why was that such a surprise to her?
With a heave, she rolled onto her front. Some of her hooves wound up underneath her, the others were splayed at different angles. With what felt like a massive effort, she slid her legs underneath her and pushed her
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Peripeteia: Chapter Five
Chapter 5- Joy and Tribulation for the De-Illumination
As night swiftly progressed to day, an orange pall drifted across the land with surprising pace, the sun was lifted with an arcane power over the horizon. The birds stretched, then left their carefully planted nests and took to the air, jostling some of the balloons bunched to the corner of the building. In a small house just outside town, the front door creaked open, and Fluttershy poked out her head. After a few seconds, and a breath of the crisp morning air, she deemed it safe enough to open the door wide and step outside. She looked about the field, and saw streamers and balloons and flags of book covers all about the place. Evidently, Pinkie had been up early.
Just then, Fluttershy became aware of talking. She walked around the side of the house, faced the Everfree forest, and saw Trixie talking with the Mayor and a small delegation consisting of Twilight, Cheerilee and Pinkie Pie. Before she could get close enough to h
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Peripeteia: Chapter Four
Chapter 4- Pleasant Returns and Preparing Revenge
Rarely had things looked so grim for Ponyville. In the streets, ponies were looking about everywhere, no longer sure of what was behind them, or who they could trust. Even Twilight had garnered suspicion in recent times, though she couldn't for the life of her understand why. She could feel accusing eyes coming from everywhere as she walked down the street. She lowered her head and tried to walk faster. Up ahead, Spike was reciting the events of the story to Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and an earth pony with a pink and black mane.
" then she was just standing there, all frozen, and I was trying to get her attention but it was like she couldn't hear me! So then I rushed downstairs, I grabbed Mr and Mrs Twist, and they were all like 'Could you slow down what you're saying? What's happening?', but there was no time for that so I pulled them upstairs and I was like 'She's just stuck like that!', and then we all saw the room and- oh
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Peripeteia: Chapter Three
Chapter 3- Fear is a Dark Room
"Oh, it was abominable! Ghastly! Indescribably foul!"
"...Sooo, you didn't like it?" asked Pinkie Pie. She, Twilight and Rarity were just passing down the street, looking out for any unusual signs after the events of yesterday, when they found Regal Cut, Diamond Tiara's father, leaning on the side of his door, breathing heavily. He was a tall, greyed, moustachioed pony, near to Big Macintosh's height, and on any other day he would have been imposing. But today he stopped babbling to himself only to glare at the new arrivals, in an annoyance that hid no more panic than what had been given away just now.
"What would you know about it, you little foal?!"
"Ooo, that's a tricky one...uh...nothing! You haven't told us about it yet!"
"Oh, be quiet for once in your life, cake maker!" Regal Cut leaned closer and narrowed his eyes. "I have seen sights that no stallion should ever have to see, and the least you can do is stop your prattling!"
Twilight stepped
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Peripeteia: Chapter Two
Chapter 2- The Worst of a Bad Job
"SeemSs almPo
st moIre like Ka symEbol-'
There in HEthe window, ELtall thing with no faLPce, starinP
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Peripeteia: Chapter One
Chapter 1- Boding of Things to Come
"C'mon, Spike, books won't sort themselves."
The infant dragon grumbled as he rifled through the swamp of novels scattered about the ground. "I'm going as fast as I can, Twilight! Cheeze, why do you even let these ponies in if they make all this ruckus?"
Twilight Sparkle's horn glowed, and on command the novels and manuals around her shot upwards and drifted toward the shelves. "Three reasons, Spike: We're the only library in town, National Book Day is on Friday, and everyone has the right to a good book." She paused as a few levitating books caught her eye, and brought them closer. "...Even if they do leave things in a state. Ugh, look at this. Someone left this big scratch on the cover of Encyclopedia Draconia, there's a tear in page 114 of Brainwash For Dummies..."
"Remind we why we have that?" asked Spike, piling the next ten books up in his arms.
"...Heaven's Darkness is missing a wraparound, Into The Whirlpool is bent along the spine..."
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Peripeteia: Prolouge
The hole is open. The story begins.
The sky is dark over the Everfree forest. There are stars that shine in the air, but they do not glitter. They seem painted on, mainly for show. They seem slightly wrong. Even the moon, caught between half and crescent as it wanes in time and fades away, seems strangely artificial, with a shape too bulky, and craters too big.
The Everfree forest seems natural enough, darkened to near blackness as it is, but it is strangely without sound. There is wind, as it blows at Force Three or Four, tugging at every branch and leaf, whistling as they undulate in the breeze. But the animals are absent. Nature seems silenced. As if all that grew, moved, thought and ate were at some secret place of worship. Or if they had fled from some great, powerful force of destruction.
A few leaves individually flit between the trees. Was that a rabbit, darting behind the tree? The grass bends and sways.
Then comes the step. Water parts and leaps, in the wake of the ste
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Well, burn my trousers and call me a liar. It's been a while, hasn't it folks?

As you no doubt have guessed, I've not exactly been following through with my promise to bring more chapters to Peripeteia. I could probably pinpoint my lack of interest as beginning when one of my plot twists turned up in the show. But really, this doesn't excuse me abandoning my brain child for a third of a year. Be it through high workloads or plain procrastination, I have been a highly neglectful creator I doubt everyone's been holding their breath in anticipation, but if they have, I'm very sorry.

In the time I've been gone, I've been chasing around other story ideas. One particular story idea is for a crossover, which is more like a crossover than Peripeteia was, and it's a humdinger of an ambitious project. I'm really excited about getting it out into the world before it can be contradicted (Imagine. A fanfiction not in line with canon). However, I myself don't like to see fanfiction left for dead, and I'm reluctant about moving on so fast.

So, what do you think, adoring fanbase? Finish what I started, or seek pastures new?


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