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TUTORIAL: How to make Zabimaru

By Odd-One-Out
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Commissioned for ~Krustallos-demon's Renji cosplay, I'll add photos in the description when the cosplay is finished.

And this is my first tutorial so be nice, kids. xD

Zabimaru & Abarai Renji (c) Kubo Tite & Bleach

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Hmm, this is a good idea for those who aren't able to get their hands on wood and able to spend the time to really cut out the blade and whatnot. :D I shall add this to my favorites for more to view. ^^
AlternitiveUniverse's avatar
Mind if i use this tutorial some time??? :D thanks a bunch :D
Odd-One-Out's avatar
Of course, enjoy!
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I've been trying to design an extendable Zabimaru for over a year. I never can get a good idea down on paper to warrant the cost of the supplies.
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holy crap, thats impressive :O
im hoping to make Rukia's Sode no Shirayuki next month for a cosplay in October out of wood >_< kinda nervous about it tho, never made anything before :L do ya have any tips for wood work?
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Thanks! It's for October Expo, right? My advice is to use pinewood because it's soft enough to be carved. Balsa wood is a little too flimsy for making a prop katana.
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pinewood, okay thankies ^_^ all the tutorials I came across agree completely, pinewood it is >:D many use MDF for the guard, do ya think thats okay? its cheap but i dont know how strong it is XD
Odd-One-Out's avatar
MDF guard is absolutely fine.
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Youre so fuckin awesome!
Odd-One-Out's avatar
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Tnx for the tutorial i really need it
xKasumixChanx's avatar
This'll be so helpful when I crossplay as REnji
la-indiana's avatar
This will be very helpful *nods*
I was just worrying about not having zabimaru.
Thanks Odd-One-Out!
xKasumixChanx's avatar
If I decide to cosplay as Renji, I'll totally use ur tutorial to make Zabimaru xDD
Odd-One-Out's avatar
That is an honour, thank you!
Moonlightthevampire's avatar
Where did you get that much cardboard?
I'm trying to make a Zabimaru for my cosplay but I just don't know where to get that much cardboard at.
Odd-One-Out's avatar
It's the packaging that came with my dad's fishing rod, so I doubt you'd get one exactly the same. You can find lots of cardboard crates at the end of supermarket tills :)
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Haha... Our very own 'Zabimaru'
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one day ill make this & begin my collection of the most awesome weapons from stuff.
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