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Time (Clock Of The Heart)

Berol colored pencils on Strathmore recycled white paper, 9 x 14.
* “Time (Clock Of The Heart)” is based on the original photograph “I can’t hold the time” [link] of model :iconcherubjibril: used with kind permission from Claudia Franz, by photographer Jürgen Franz :iconjuergen-franz: and helper Nicolai Zupanc :icontheanimelord: copyright 2007.

“Time (Clock Of The Heart)” was originally planned for the Paint The Smile On [link] series, but I later decided to use it for a tutorial and New Years post instead. In the past year a couple of my DA friends had been asking me for tips on how to do color pencil drawings, particularly portraits, and each time I’d try to give them tips, and promising them that I’d deliver a tutorial soon. Well, thankfully, after checking through my left over session scraps and outtakes from The Paint The Smile On series , I stumbled upon “Time (Clock Of The Heart)” and its entire original 4 part work in progress steps. Since it was one of my average 3.5 hour time sessions I thought it would be perfect for a tutorial.

Anyway, why don’t I stop talking and let you check out the tutorial for yourself. But before I sign off, I just want to wish you all a happy and safe New Year. I, most likely, won’t be posting any series of new material for a while, due to upcoming book and personal projects in the early part of 2008, but I will be checking in from time to time to get loads of inspiration from the wonderful works you all will be producing in 2008. ;-)

Click on this link to start the beginning of Paint The Smile On In 5 Easy Steps: A Tutorial: [link]
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Feyre-Mist's avatar
She's very cute!
odavis's avatar
Indeed! Thanks! :-)
Lee-Sherman's avatar
The clock looks incredible, and the rest is quite good. I'm just disappointed you left out the bow in the original photo.
odavis's avatar
Thanks! :-)

Yeah, I am not a pure copyist unless it's from my own original photograph that I shot. If i had copied her original photo to perfection, what really good is that? One could just go look at the photograph, right? In this case, it makes it more my own vision by leaving stuff out and adding on, etc. It becomes s little more original IMO.
Lee-Sherman's avatar
I just thought the bow was cute.
odavis's avatar
It is cute. ;-)
Splend's avatar
Beautiful as ever :)
odavis's avatar
Thank you much! :D
BartBar's avatar
I love your color pallette on this one. Its very soft and calming to look at. Lovely work. :D
odavis's avatar
Thanks so much!!! :hug:

I don't know--but for some reason, at that time, I decide to use a very limited range of colors in my palette (so to speak.) Maybe on 8 or 10 colors were used, which works out perfect for a simple 5 step tutorial. ;-)
BartBar's avatar
Indeed. It had a very nice effect. Sometimes too many colors can really take away from the subject matter. You're welcome. :)
Excalibur14's avatar
She's beautiful...I just love the softness of her eyes...incredible
odavis's avatar
Thank you much!!! :D And yes, I agree--Claudia is very beautiful, she's been my DA muse! ;-)
Snigom's avatar
Dude....still the master of the colored pencil :phew: I loved the progression that you showed us...I never knew your process before. I like it and most of it I never would have figured out :omg:
odavis's avatar
Hey THANKS dude!!! I appreciate it coming from the guy that gave me the idea of doing a tutorial after seeing yours! ;-)

Also, thanks for adding her to your favorites! :D
Jibril-Cosplay's avatar
Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! ^-^ Great job, I love this picture it's really beautiful and the coloring is so pretty. Thank you so much!!!

odavis's avatar
Once again Claudia, thanks so very much for allowing me to interpret your beautiful face! It means a great deal to me that you like and approve it. :hug:
Jibril-Cosplay's avatar
Thank you too. ^-^

odavis's avatar
You're most welcome!
WattsHanna's avatar
i like this drawing!
she looks very peacfull, and gentel.
love your colors too.
odavis's avatar
Thanks, Hanna! :blowkiss:

You know it's always a HUGE honor to get a wonderful comment like this from such an amazing artist as you! ;-)
WattsHanna's avatar
you are very welcome owen!
you are very flattering - thank you! :hug:
if you will be on line this week [or atlist till sunday] can you kindly cast your vote for me? here [link]
i have there my best work so far - [in my opinion] because its genuine.
thank you owen
odavis's avatar
No problem--just gave you 10 stars. Yeah, I think that is my absolute favorite piece in your gallery. :D
WattsHanna's avatar
its my favorite too. can you imagen, its hang in my bed room wall! :giggle:
thank you very much owen for your support!!! :hug:
read whats writen below owen, and check it out!
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