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2009 Jenny by odaleex, visual art

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My Bio
Current Residence: Japan, Tohoku locality
Favourite genre of music: old game music(ESP,FM sound)
Favourite style of art: Anthropomorphic, mechanical, furry, parody comic
Operating System: Windows XPSP2 and DIY machine
MP3 player of choice: CRIATIVE ZEN Mozaic
Favourite cartoon character: Characters of MLaaTR, FHFIF, Teen Titans, Hilltop hospital, etc...

Favourite Visual Artist
Genndy Tartakovsky, Rob Renzetti, Shirow masamune, Hayao miyazaki, etc...
Favourite Movies
Royal Space Force, Ghost in the Shell, AKIRA, Cowboy Bebop, Gennma Taisen, etc...
Favourite Games
PC FPS, DS Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox360, PS2, Nintendo DSi, PC, and other legacy game-hards
Tools of the Trade
Automatic translation system(Without it, I can't do communication.)
Other Interests
manga, video game, anime, Cartoon, plastic model, figure, etc...

recent history

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-I'm sorry for not having written a reply for a long time. -My office work was in the very busy state. The boss predicted that the same state would continue until June. Uh... -I got blue-ray disc of WALL-E! But, I don't have a Blue-ray player... -I got U-command WALL-E! But, I don't have a large room... -I swear to seal and Xbox360 and Touhou-Project for the time being. -I update a requests list. Please wait till rearranging is over. -In fact, I worked and drew all night long. Moreover I have to take a long-route bus 4 hours later more. To do paint a house.(sigh) I write a reply as much as possible by then. -Isn't a raw egg e
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Uh,,, My room is full of the severe smell. Because I keep cleaning a large amount of kerosene that has spilt since last week. Its quantity is 9 liters!!! -> http://f.hatena.ne.jp/odaleex/20090310005934 It is the first time that I spilled such a large quantity of kerosene!! A landlord may ask me for special cleaning expense... :fear: And, I update a list of tasks. I work properly! *Finished! -Dw-divastar *Work in progress -Coppersouls200 -Lati9s *Not yet -BaschSaget -Crustcousinfanclub -Blue-Leader -DARK-KANETAKER -Greatdragonad -GromoglasnaTisina -Thunderfoxjt -Yumifan Please wait a moment, thanks! *Edit Now, I do not h
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Hi, everyone. I thought variously about how to receive a request. As one problems, I take too much time to finish one piece of picture... (My paranoid notion has also influenced this problem.) So, I propose simplifying a background or a character as the solution. Please make nomination of a character into one or two. If it is the sketch by pencil, it will be completed within 1week. And if it is an above-bust pic or chibi-chara, I will be able to do similarly. (But more time will be necessary when I'm busy.) When it is this condition and you are OK, please send a message to me once more. I'd make task list and draw that. And I send
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i hate to break to you People but listen, i don't Think this person will ever Return anytime soon, i mean why All you Ask if he does requests when he's not even active for like 13 Years?, why waste your Time commenting here even though He won't Reply?. He might have lost interest on DA or Forgot his password or something but can you Guys just Get your hands off his profile?, he's Gone!, like Forever or idk!, He might even lost interest on all the Topics he liked!, such as mlaatr and others!, if you want to See mlaatr art from a person that does not have a dead profile, just go find one and get over it about this person being gone for 13 years!, i hope you y'all Understand!
if you want to see newer and fun stuff, go look at mine
Amazing style!!! I love your fantastic works, I am waiting for more and you can be sure that you will get a lot of likes from me .<3
He won't return, don't you understand?
I love your art work!
Whatever happened to this guy?

EDIT: He's fine, apparently, this is his Pixiv, if I'm correct: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=66…