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Why Luna Eclipse?

This is why... some after hours special

If you don't know why, here's a hint: there's a sticker on the letter "r" of the DVD cover

It supposed to be a speed painting test.
But unforunately I couldn't catch up the latest lunar eclipse, things always happened... inevitably.
BTW, I recycle the moon from the eyes
Edit1: slender!
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Luna: Umm... I can explain.
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The reason is Obvious ! :D
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that is friggin hilarious. I love her expression.
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OH no the black monster is upon us. (Legend of Dragoon reference in case no one got that)

Awesome art man.
E-M-E-R-L's avatar
:icondartplz:~{REVENGE SHALL BE MINE!!!}

lol x3
videogamehunter's avatar
LOL. I'm trying to figure out a come back but I can't decide if I want Luna to be the black monster or Moon child.
E-M-E-R-L's avatar
lol easy, Black Monster = Nightmare Moon. Luna = Moon Child xD
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Make sense then lets make Fluttershy the Moon child, sense I can see her being Shana. 

Great now I feel like drawing, but it too late for that now.
E-M-E-R-L's avatar
lol it's Never too late xD until you fall asleep that is. lol
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Well, the night is the best time for watching My Little Porny...


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That examples everything
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