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Tacowoman Sonata

Goes well with this music ;) (Wink) :

No big reason, Sonata's hair looks like megaman X's helmet,
And her Sonata buster shoots taco!

2/1: fix belly button position, cheek and minor clean up
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Heh, this is good.
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Hey its like my fake Robot Master, Toast Man (who instead of having a Mega-Buster-Esque arm cannon has a toaster)
CBear624's avatar
That's... new
Never expected a crossover like this before
DarthWill3's avatar
Isn't she cute?
Rainbow2-0's avatar
That looks more like Leviathan than X...
od20plus's avatar
WOW, same here when I almost done
Rainbow2-0's avatar
So you played Megaman Zero?
od20plus's avatar
With GBA emulator, yes
Unfortunately I played japanese, didn't get most of it back then, but still a good story series
Rainbow2-0's avatar
I have VBA too.
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lolwut XD
Great job!
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um don't you mean Taco Woman Sonata is a girl remember so
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Also goes great with the song Do You Want a Taco? by PsychoStick
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It is like mega man sweet!!!! 😆
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This is awesome! I love it, but wouldn't she be Tacowoman? I know it's a referente to megaman xD
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