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Oh Spike...
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Did she destroyed that doll because she was creeped out by it? Or because she wants him to have the REAL her?
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What has been seen...
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"And that is how you displace evidence to rid yourself of a rival male after your lady" (Hero Factor (my oc))......on the other hoof.....
"And that is how I won the love of my life through displaying my devotion to her and the love that can come from it" (spike, if Rare were to be impressed with the display before her.)
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I bet he has more stuff locked somewhere in the castle. XD
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There does seem to be no end of extra rooms to potentially stash it in.
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That was very funny and a little odd but cute.
I never thought he could have a collection of rarity stuff but its possible

Awesome work overall
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Spike bien podría sacarle en cara el altar secreto que ella tenía de Trenderhoof. XD
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Rarity se pasó de troll cuando le dijo éso de que él no sabía lo era estar enamorado de alguien. XD
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aveces decimos las cosas que no debemos 
y con "aveces" merefiero a casi todo el tiempo
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La reina del drama parece ser una experta en dicha rama. XD
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This just brought a disturbing thought into my mind.
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hahaha, I can imagining seeing spike having one, very funny :)
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I seem to recall a Spike plush in Sweetie Belle's bed.
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What has been seen, shall never be un-seen.
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Rarity - It is on! by TheFlutterKnight  - I will tear apart the fiend that made and sold this to my Spikey.
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